Carlos and Sarah?

edited February 2014 in The Walking Dead

Ok, Carlos is definitely the over protective father figure to Sarah. Sarah is a nerd, to put it bluntly. I love her, but she put peroxide on her cuts, and her idea of brutal punishment is a stern talking to. I've hatched a theory, that Sarah doesn't know about the zombies. That's why she couldn't go outside to see Clem, that's why she couldn't go to the house meeting, and that's where the line "If she knew what was out there, she would.....cease to function" was coming from. Most popular opinion seems to be Carlos bites the dust at some point. I agree. I think pretty soon too, like in episode 2,3, or if your stretching, 4. Sarah's gonna grow up at some point, like Clem did. And unless they want to cram all of Sarah's development into 1 episode, then Carlos is gonna go down soon. What do you guys think? Will Carlos die soon? Is my theory correct? What do you think of these characters?


  • Going by what Carlos says it's assumed that Sarah has some disability in perceiving what's going on. I like her though, and think it'd be nice to see the whole protective father dynamic get a chance to develop further than the conflict with Larry did.

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