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Who do you think would win in hand to hand combat...

posted by SpareClem2014 BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users

In Hand to hand combat, Random black chick(Michelle) that shot Omid or Clementine after the flash forward in the story? Go!

Place your bets now ladies and gentlemen.

(Before you deny her being alive remember she was only shot in what looked like the gut but it could of been a thigh shot or in a non vital area. We also cant account for any signs of life after fade to black/flash forward.)


  • Random black chick got shot dead, so the fights over!

  • 'Random Black Chick' was named Michelle.

    And depends on if you mean Clementine back then, or Clementine after the time jump.

  • Not that she will be coming back like your post implies, but if she were alive I would put my money on Clem. Even though we really don't know anything about the other girl, hell for all we know she could have been training to be a pro boxer before the ZA.

  • Trying to answer this but image of michelle beating up my little clem for no reason is hard to imagine physically not fair fight so Michelle going win easy money unless weapons are involved

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      SpareClem2014 BANNED

      Its been a while since their last confrontation but where she was shot could give Clem an advantage if she has not fully healed. It takes a while for a gun injury to heal if shot in the abdomen area. My uncle was shot there while hunting at point blank and after he healed up a few months he got punched in that area and it ruptured his intestine.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Well considering the "Random Black Chick" is dead I don't see the chances of this happening but to answer your question I take Clem, She was able to outlast a strong man used to make these kind of attacks so Its Impossible for me to see a scared teenager who just wanted to play the tough bitch do what he couldn't

  • Hmm... It depends.

    If Clem has a chance to try and use the environment to her advantage, then she'd win. If running and dodging won't really help Clem, then I'd have to say that she probably isn't stronger than Michelle.

    Then again, Clem is smarter as well.

    So basically, if there's a situation where Clem can outsmart Michelle, or use the environment against her, then Clementine would be the clear winner.

    • You seem to know a lot about her from a 45 second scene.

      She may look bigger, bigger doesn't mean stronger.

      She may seem less smart, but we didn't have much of a conversation did we?

      She may not be able to use the environment as wel as Clem, but where did you get that idea?

      • I assumed Clem is smarter because really, she is one of the smartest characters. I assumed Clem can use the environment to her advantage better because that is mainly what she does in fights, rather than Lee, who used smarts and brute strength. Also, I just figured than an adult would be stronger than an 11 year old because.... She's an 11 year old.

        • Why would you consider 'her' (the name escapes me, I apologize) an adult? She looked mid teens to me.

          She isn't much bigger than Clem, chances are she is a master of environmental manipulation also :p

          ....I'll give you the smart one, Clem is a sharp nail in a pile of rocks.

          • She's more of an adult than Clementine anyway.

            And I think that using the environment to your advantage and being smart tie into each other, at least a little. And I'd just assume that Michelle probably is more comfortable with firearms("I'll pop you!").

            • True, but Sarah is older than my estimate of how old 'whats-her-name' is, and I would never say Sarah is stronger than Clem.

              Maybe a little, but I don't think resourcefulness stems directly from intelligence. Lets take army personel for example, while they are very good at using their surroundings during combat I wouldn't consider most of them 'smart'... after all they joined the army for a reason (just a joke don't get tempermental). Now that isn't saying all army soldiers are dumb, my cousin scored 3 points shy of the top score on the ASVAB and I didn't do to shabby myself, but on average the IQ of soldiers is lower than... most other jobs.

              It's easy to talk big when your the only one holding a gun. She didn't seem very comfortable with the gun when Omid walked in...

        • Clem beat Winston, who's an adult. By using the environment.

          She also beat an adult zombie, in an enclosed space, who took her by surprise :) Clem's one tough cookie.

  • In the end Telltale won because the first thing I thought of when she was going to pick up the bottle was "Clem, pick that gun up. Never leave it unattended. Come on. Pick it up. Oh great. I can't. Why Telltale?!"

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