• I can't figure this one out either. I have a vague theory about her planning to use some sort of glamour magic go into hiding, either to evade the debt she accumulated at Georgie's place or evade the Tweedles who were after her for whatever she took from their employer. Maybe the donkeyskin coat can be used as some sort of conduit for that since it's already a magical item or maybe she was trying to reawaken whatever magic was stored inside. Or maybe it's just a precious keepsake of hers, like her ring.

    I thought it was mentioned somewhere that Faith had moved out of Lawrence's place. My memory's little fuzzy though (it was 4 months ago, Telltale!). But if so, then it might be possible that she lived there at Toad's place.

    As for what she took, it was apparently some kind of book since when Dee broke into Lawrence's place, he went over to search the bookshelf.

    Finally, farewell note. Again, that might have to do with her plan to go into hiding. Maybe she was planning on running away that night and wanted to give that note to Lawrence to tell him that she was sorry because she has to leave him. It would certainly make her death a bit more tragic if she was "just one day away from retirement." This is all just wild speculation though.

    • Also when Bigby jokes that he maybe should be arresting her instead of Woody, she replies:

      "I won't be doing this for much longer, so now is your chance." which also implies that she was going to "retire" soon.

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    Butt-head BANNED

    "The Wolf Among Us" will be another "Lost". Writers do not have a plan, no idea how end the story. Lots of clues and mysteries in each episode but no logical explanation. Donkeyskin coat is a filler.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    The donkeyskin coat is what makes her fairytale work. It belongs to her. Without it, she's not a complete character in a way. It's a memento of her happy past and a confirmation of her identity. That could have been the reason why it had to be included.

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