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I have nothing else to do right now. I just want to make it clear on who can still be alive or dead. These aren't bios, just how they died and if I think they are alive or not throughout the 5 episodes. There's probably going to be a few typos in here, and I don't expect everyone to actually read through this entire thing. But I just wanted to clarify my opinions on what happened to all of the survivors. If you have any of your own theories on the survivors, feel free to post them on this thread.

This is MY OPINION. These are NOT facts (although most of them are obvious), but rather predictions I guess you can say. Again, this post contains massive SPOILERS. (Also some spoilers from the comics, issues 98-100) If you have not finished playing season 1 of TellTale's The Walking Dead or 400 Days and you plan to, please do not continue to read. All characters are in order on who you met. (Lee is at the end).

Episode 1

Clementine: Clearly play as her in season 2. Episode: 1-Present

Shawn: Dead. He can be with either Chet, his friend, or Andre Mitchell, a cop. depending on your decisions. If you choose to leave Clementine's house during the day, he's with Chet. If you choose to leave at night, he's with Andre Mitchell. You have the choice to either save him or Duck at Hershel's farm. If you choose to save Duck, he dies. If you choose to save Shawn, you are unable to save him and he dies anyway. Episode: 1-1

Chet: An extremely minor character, you may not even remember him. He can be dead or alive based on your decisions. If you choose to leave Clementine's neighborhood before it gets dark, Chet comes with you to the farm and then leaves when you get there. He is not seen again for the entire game, so we don't really know what happened to him afterwards. If you choose to wait until dark, he says "Have you seen any of those things? One of them just got our buddy Chet," and he is seen as a walker. This indicates that Chet is dead. Again, if you choose to leave during the day, Chet leaves later and we don't see him die. But I don't think we're going to see Chet at all during the game, do I think his death is based on the players' decisions, indirectly. Episode: 1-1

Andre Mitchell: Like Chet, he is an extremely minor character and is decision based. He is only in the game if you choose to leave Clementine's house during the night. Andre's fate is unknown, really. He drives Lee, Shawn, and Clementine to Hershel's farm and then drives away. We do not see him die nor for the rest of the game. Again, I don't think we'll see this character in the game again. Episode: 1-1

Hershel: Unknown. As I said before, you are given the option to save Shawn or Duck. Shawn dies either way, even if you choose to save him. If you choose to save him, Hershel only gets mad at Kenny for not helping Shawn. If you save Duck, Hershel gets angry at Lee and Kenny. Either way, you get thrown out and Kenny drives you to Macon. So we never know what happens to Hershel. Episode: 1-1

Kenny: I can go on forever about Kenny. But again, these aren't bios. But Kenny's fate is unknown because he is never seen being killed. If you still have Ben with you, Kenny will lock himself in the alley and with Ben and a bunch of walkers cornering him. He will use his last bullet to shoot Ben and put him out of his misery, and then the camera shows Lee putting his head down in sadness, and then climbs back onto the roof with Christa and Omid. We don't see Kenny again for the rest of the game. If you don't have Ben with you anymore, he accidentally pushes the walkie-talkie out of Lee's hand into a hole of zombies. Christa jumps down to retrieve the walkie-talkie, but then cannot get back up. Kenny jumps down to help Christa up. Kenny is then left down in the hole. We see Kenny back up to the point where Lee can no longer see him. That is then followed by lots of zombies seen in the hole. In both of these deaths, we don't hear Kenny screaming or being eaten, which is why many people have different theories on what happened to Kenny. A lot of people also think that Kenny is the "I thought you were dead person" in the S2 EP2 trailer. Episode: 1-5

Duck: Dead. He gets bitten when the bandits raid the motor inn. You have the choice to make Kenny shoot him or have yourself do it. Episode: 1-3

Katjaa: Dead. Shoots herself in the head when she is unable to kill her son. Episode: 1-3

Glenn: Unknown. He drives away to find his friends in Atlanta at the end of episode 1, and is not seen throughout the rest of the game. Apparently he is the same Glenn from the comics, which makes sense, because they both look alike. However, Glenn is killed by Negan in the comics. So if both Glenns are the same, then Glenn is dead. But some people still think he is the "I thought you were dead," person. Episode: 1-1

Doug: Dead. At the end of episode 1, you get to choose if you want to save Doug or Carley. If you choose to save Carley he obviously dies, but if you save Doug over Carley, his death is different. After the motor inn is raided by bandits due to the fact that a member from the group is slipping supplies in episode 3, Lilly's prime suspect is Ben as the culprit (which he is). Lilly aims to shoot Ben but Doug pushes him out of the way and takes the bullet to the back of his head, killing him. His corpse can be seen rotting in Russell's story in 400 days if you choose to hide from the chuck if you chose to save Doug over Carley. However, the body is now facing the opposite direction as when he was originally killed by Lilly. Episode 1-1/3

Carley: This one if a bit confusing. Here is why. Well first of all, if you choose to save Doug over Carley, she dies obviously. But if you choose to save Carley over Doug, she will live on until the same part where Doug dies. But this time Lilly's prime suspect as the culprit is Carley, and then changes her mind to Ben AND Carley. After Carley stands up to herself to Lilly, Lilly gets very angry with Carley and ends up shooting her. However, Carley is shot in the cheek, NOT the head. This means that her brain was never destroyed, which means she would come back as a walker. However in 400 Days in Russell's story, if you choose to hide from the chuck, you will lay beside Carley's corpse the same way you did with Doug in the same spot and her body is facing the opposite direction like Doug's corpse was. This obviously means that Carley never came back as a walker even though she was only shot in the cheek. So if that's the case, this means that Carley has been just unconscious and still alive this entire time even though her body is rotting alongside the road, or TellTale just screwed up. Episode: 1-1/3

Lilly: Unknown. After Lilly shoots Doug/Carley, you get the option to leave her alongside the road or still bring her along. If you choose to abandon her, she is seen standing alone alongside the road as the RV drives away and is never seen again. If you choose to bring her along, she will end up stealing the RV and driving away, never seen again. So either way we never see Lilly die, and is why lots of people think she can be the "I thought you were dead," person as well. (It is confirmed that the Lilly in the game and the Lilly in the comics are different.) Episode: 1-3

Larry: Dead. Larry passes out in the meat locker at the St. Johns due to massive amounts of stress. You get the option to help Lilly try to awake him or help Kenny kill him in case he comes back as a walker. No matter what you choose, Kenny will smash is head in with a salt lick. Episode: 1-2

Episode 2

Mark: Dead. After getting shot in the shoulder with an arrow, Brenda St. John tells Lee that she will "fix him up." Instead, she chops off his legs and serves them as meat for a feast for the group. You find him in the upstairs bathroom, barely alive. He tells you about his legs being dinner and Lee rushes down to stop Clementine from eating. We don't see Mark die, but there is proof that he is dead because he is shown as a walker later on in the episode. Episode: 2-2

David Parker: A minor character who is with Ben and Travis, and he is dead. he is stuck in a bear trap when you meet him. You're supposed to chop off his trapped leg, but you can run out of time and leave him in the woods to die. If you successfully chop off his leg, he is brought to the motor inn and Katjaa tries to fix him. However, he is unable to be survive the blood loss and becomes a walker. Episode 2-2

Travis: Another minor character, and he is dead as well. He is found with David Parker and Ben. If you are not able to chop of David Parker's leg, Travis will accidentally get shot while trying to take Mark's gun. He will be brought to the motor inn for Katjaa to try and help him, but dies of blood loss and becomes a walker like David Parker did if you chopped his leg off successfully. If you were able to free David Parker, Travis gets eaten by walkers. Episode: 2-2

Ben: Ben is dead. You can either choose to drop him from the bell tower at the end of episode 4 or he falls to his death in episode 5. If you drop him from the bell tower, he lands and breaks his legs. Lee escapes with the rest of the group and the camera shows Ben for the last time getting eaten alive. If you choose to pull him up from the bell tower, he will fall off a balcony in and land in an alley, and is impaled by a bar from the balcony in episode 5. Kenny shoots Ben to put him out of his misery. Episode: 2-4/5

Andy St. John: His death is determinant. You can kick him into the electric fence and kill him, or leave him helpless on the zombie-invaded farm. If you choose to leave him on the farm, I think he is still death. He was shot twice and beaten up, and I don't think he was able to get away from that mess. Episode: 2-2

Danny St. John: His death is also determinant. He accidentally steps into a bear trap inside the barn and Lee gets the option to spare his life or kill him. If you kill him, Lee impales him with a large sharp rake. If you spare him, Lee throws the rake beside him and leaves him in the bear trap. We don't see him die, but like I said before I don't think he could have survived the mess, especially since he was trapped. Episode: 2-2

Brenda St. John: Dead. She is eating by walker Mark while she has Katjaa hostage in the house. Episode: 2-2

Episode 3

Chuck: Dead. He saves Clementine from a herd of walkers and is later cornered in the beginning of episode 4. He tells the group to leave him and he'll catch up, and the group continues to run. We don't see Chuck die, but later on in the episode Lee finds him in a sewer in Savannah with his intestines ripped out and a bullet hole through his head and a gun in his hand. This means that he shot himself and walkers later found him and started to eat some of him, but stopped after they ate his stomach. Episode: 3-4

Omid: Dead. He survives all of season 1, but gets shot in the lung by that bitch in the beginning of season 2 episode 1. People say that he could have survived the shot, but I think he's dead. After the whole incident, the game skips to 16 months later, and it is just Clementine and Christa. If Omid was still alive, I know Christa wouldn't have left him. So I think he's dead unfortunately. Episode: 3-S2 EP1

Christa: Unknown. She survives to season 2 episode 1, but is captured by a group of survivors. Clementine finds her and has the option to distract the survivors or sneak away. Either choice, Clementine will end up being chased by one of the survivors and abandoning Christa. A gunshot is heard in the distance, but we don't see or know what exactly happened to Christa. She is also a contender for the "I thought you were dead," person. Episode: 3-Present

Episode 4

Molly: Unknown. She doesn't die, but rather leaves the group. She tells Lee that she has to go and that she's better off on her own. She is never seen again since, but I think she was able to survive because she's Molly and a badass. Some people also think that she is the "I thought you were dead," person. Episode: 4-4

Vernon: Dead. We don't see him die in the game. Instead, he steals the boat and isn't seen again. But in 400 days, his fellow cancer patients announce that he IS in fact dead. Episode: 4-4

Brie: Dead. She is eaten by walkers in Crawford. Episode: 4-4

Episode 5

Stranger: Dead. Either Lee chokes him to death or Clementine shoots him. Lee will choke him if you successfully press the buttons the game says to fast enough. If you are unable to do that, Clementine will shoot him in the back of the head. Episode: 5-5

400 Days

Protagonists: The people you play as (Vince, Wyatt, Shel, Russell, Bonnie) are all alive as far as we know. After you complete all of the stories, you take control as Tavia, a woman who searches for survivors who are in need of help. She comes across all of the protagonists in a group and asks them if they want to come to a safety base with her. The people who come depends on what you say to them (Bonnie comes no matter what you say). The DLC ends with whoever you got to come to the safety camp leave. We don't know what happened to them and if they're going to make an appearance in season 2. (Even though I think they probably will.)

Vince's Story

Justin: Determinant. You get the choice to either shoot Justin's ankle or Danny's ankle off in order to free yourselves from the chains. If you choose to shoot Justin's foot off, you and Danny escape while Justin is left in the prison bus to die helplessly.

Danny: Determinant. Same thing with Justin, if you shoot Danny's foot off, you and Justin escape and Danny is left in the prison bus to die helplessly.

Wyatt's Story

Eddie: Unknown. We don't know what happens to Eddie. After hitting something in the woods in a car, Wyatt and Eddie play rock paper scissors on who should go out and check on the "thing." (They don't know if they hit a human or a walker, but it actually turns out to be a human). If you win rock paper scissors, Eddie will go out. Before he can get back to you, a truck with attackers come out and attack you. You have no choice but to flee and leave Eddie behind in the woods. If you lose rock paper scissors, you go out and find the victim, and while carrying him back, Eddie gets attacked, and you can hear him moaning and groaning. The car takes off and leaves you stranded in the woods. People say that Eddie is one of the silhouettes in the Episode 4 (Amid The Ruins) backdrop. It looks like him, but I don't know if it is actually him. We'll just have to wait and see.

Shel's Story

Becca: I should have mentioned her in the beginning. She is a kid who is with Shel at all times. She's even with Shel when Tavia finds the group of all the protagonists.

Roman: Dead. His dead body can be found with a bunch of other ones at the end of Episode 1 by the river.

Stephanie: Determinant. You get the option to kill her or leave the group at the end of Shel's story. If you kill her, you...kill her. If you choose to leave, you steal the RV and drive out of the base. We don't know what happens to Stephanie if you choose to drive away.

Cancer Patients: This is the group of cancer patients who were with Vernon in the main game. They explain how they lost Vernon and the boat. This also proves that 400 Days IS linked to the main story, because some people think that 400 Days has nothing to do with the main story. The cancer patients are alive, except one of them is determinant, indirectly.

Boyd: The determinant cancer patient. You come across Roberto, a survivor who attacks your base. Shel gets the choice to free him or kill him. If you choose to free him, the game will skip to some time ahead and you will be reminded that Boyd was killed because Roberto came back with a group. If you choose to kill Roberto on the spot, the game will skip to some time ahead with Boyd alive.

Roberto: A minor character. Again, he is determinant. He is the attacker who you get the option to kill him or free him. Either way, I don't think we'll be seeing this character ever again even if you chose to free him.

Russell's Story

Nate: Still alive as far as we know. He doesn't die in the story, but you get the option to leave him and find somewhere else to stay or stay with Nate. We don't know if he's alive or dead at this point, or if he will make an appearance in season 2.

Bonnie's Story

Leland: Alive as far as of Bonnie's story. He doesn't die in the game. Bonnie escapes from the cornfield with him after you accidentally kill Dee. But Bonnie is't with Leland at the group, so something may have happened to him. But we don't know yet.

Dee: Dead. Bonnie mistakes her for an attacker, and she whacks her in the face with a hard pole thing. Bonnie goes over to the body and sees that it is Dee, Her face is bloody with one eye popping out. Dee says a couple things before dying.

End of 400 Days

Lee: Good old Lee. The protagonist, the person you play as. Despite how the ending plays out, there are people who think that Lee is still alive. Unfortunately, I don't think he is alive. Lee gets bitten at the end of episode 4. In the beginning of episode 5, you get the option if you want to cut your arm off or not to possibly stop the infection. In the end, this decision doesn't matter on how the ending plays out. You have the option to either have Clementine shoot you or leave you. But here's why people think Lee is alive. If you choose to have Clementine shoot Lee, people say she flinches to the right and misses him. I actually CAN see her flinch a bit, but even if she missed him he still would have died from the bite. People say that if you choose to leave him they think he is alive because people find him and patch him up. Same with if you have Clementine shoot you, since everyone thinks she missed. But I don't think Lee survived, it just seem unlikely. The only way I can see Lee coming back is if Clementine or someone else finds an antidote or something to revive people, but other than that, I think he is dead. Episode: 1-5

Well, that's it. That took about an hour and a half including short breaks every now and then. I hope you enjoyed reading and found this somewhat helpful and if I missed anyone please let me know. Again, feel free to post your ideas or theories on this thread as well. Have a good day.


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    Forgot to put "Travis" in bold. Let me fix that.

  • Wow hopefully not copy and paste thanks really interesting

  • I didn't copy and paste this, typed this up all myself. Thanks though.

  • Well, in accordance with the comic (and TV series) Hershel, Glenn and Lilly survive for at least a while after the events of the game.

  • Nice effort but we have wiki for this.

  • Why didn't you include Stranger/Campman? Wasn't he significant enough character?

  • Poor ol' Hershey and Glenn are both rather deceased by season 2 of the game. Hell, Hershel probably bit it around episode 3-4 of season 1. And Molly is alive. Nothing ever implied she died. Same with Chet and the other feller who replaces him if you go out at night.

  • Oh wow, I forgot that. Thanks for telling me. I'll add him when I get back on my laptop.

  • Oh wow, I forgot that. Thanks for telling me. I'll add him when I get back on my laptop.

  • Oh wow, I forgot that. Thanks for telling me. I'll add him when I get back on my laptop.

  • Eh, I know. I was just bored and wanted to address my opinions on the characters.

  • Nobody from 400 days?

  • I'll do that when I get back on my laptop too, which may be tomorrow.

  • Carley

    Fact #1: a bullet can penetrate a person's cheek and pass through the brain. Fact #2: even if someone missed the brain, the person will die from blood loss or shock even when unconscious if left unattended.

    If given enough time, there is no chance that someone can be shot in the cheek, fall unconscious, and still be alive while rotting and being eaten by worms, becaus the presence of rotting and worms is definitely an indicator that it's been far too long by at least a month after the time it takes for a person to die of shock or blood loss. A person cannot stay alive and unconscious for that long to the point of rot or worm infestation, ergo. Carley. Is. Dead. And since she didn't come back as a walker, she was definitely shot in the brain.

    Herschel: Herschel is a character in the comics.

    Chet: On Herschel's farm, there is a well. There is a bloated zombie in that well later on in the TV series when living on Herschel's land. A corpse which I feel faintly resembles the build Chet's corpse would have if bloated. As much of a cliche as it may seem, I believe that Chet fell down the well while walking home in the dark. In which case, he snapped his neck and died instantly. If he were still alive, his cries would have attracted zombies or Herschel and his family, and only one zombie was ever found down there in the TV series.

  • Bit silly on the bit with Chet. Chet doesn't exist in the show or comics, and the universes of the show and comic/game don't collide.

  • I still think it could work. We don't see him in the show or the comic because Chet's clearly just some friend with his own family and friends and all that, and went off to do his own thing as a survivor...or did he? Maybe that was him down there. He was only a friend of Shaun's, and it sounded like Herschel didn't really know him that well, so maybe the rest of his family didn't either or didn't see him much, being in-laws and all that. Silly or not, I think it's a reasonable assumption.

    I'm only bringing the show into it because I think it's safe to assume that the farm had a well, but the game is definitely adapted to weave around the comic's story, so while the actual stories don't collide, involvement of characters from the comic in the game make it clear that they touch&go just fine.

  • The Game and Comic take place in the same universe. The show does not. It's separate. Sure, that zombie could be Chet, but it could also be Leonard Nimoy's Spock. No evidence of Chet existing.

  • I know she's dead. I was just pointing out that I was confused how she died. I was being sarcastic when I said she was just unconscious and alive. Thanks for the info though.

  • I HAD the 400 Days characters and the stranger all ready to go, but I accidentally messed up the spacing, but instead of clicking undo, I accidentally clicked refresh so I lost all of it. I don't have enough time to type them again, so I'll edit it tomorrow. Sorry about that.

  • Okay I added them now.

  • In the Crawford attack if you don't bring Clem you can kill Molly so she more Than likely won't be the I thought u were dead person

  • Hershel dies after the first winter, while Season 1 of the game ends before the first winter. So I think Hershel may have survived a tiny bit longer.

  • Kenny has pretty much been confirmed alive

  • I thought Hershel died a little before the first winter. It's been a long time since I read the early comics though.

  • Great post. But I think Leland dies. If Leland stays with Dee, in the credits you see him laying on the ground.

  • Thanks, and I didn't notice that. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • "So I said to him,


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