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    Forgot to put "Travis" in bold. Let me fix that.

  • Wow hopefully not copy and paste thanks really interesting

  • Well, in accordance with the comic (and TV series) Hershel, Glenn and Lilly survive for at least a while after the events of the game.

  • Nice effort but we have wiki for this.

  • Why didn't you include Stranger/Campman? Wasn't he significant enough character?

  • Poor ol' Hershey and Glenn are both rather deceased by season 2 of the game. Hell, Hershel probably bit it around episode 3-4 of season 1. And Molly is alive. Nothing ever implied she died. Same with Chet and the other feller who replaces him if you go out at night.

  • Carley

    Fact #1: a bullet can penetrate a person's cheek and pass through the brain. Fact #2: even if someone missed the brain, the person will die from blood loss or shock even when unconscious if left unattended.

    If given enough time, there is no chance that someone can be shot in the cheek, fall unconscious, and still be alive while rotting and being eaten by worms, becaus the presence of rotting and worms is definitely an indicator that it's been far too long by at least a month after the time it takes for a person to die of shock or blood loss. A person cannot stay alive and unconscious for that long to the point of rot or worm infestation, ergo. Carley. Is. Dead. And since she didn't come back as a walker, she was definitely shot in the brain.

    Herschel: Herschel is a character in the comics.

    Chet: On Herschel's farm, there is a well. There is a bloated zombie in that well later on in the TV series when living on Herschel's land. A corpse which I feel faintly resembles the build Chet's corpse would have if bloated. As much of a cliche as it may seem, I believe that Chet fell down the well while walking home in the dark. In which case, he snapped his neck and died instantly. If he were still alive, his cries would have attracted zombies or Herschel and his family, and only one zombie was ever found down there in the TV series.

    • Bit silly on the bit with Chet. Chet doesn't exist in the show or comics, and the universes of the show and comic/game don't collide.

      • I still think it could work. We don't see him in the show or the comic because Chet's clearly just some friend with his own family and friends and all that, and went off to do his own thing as a survivor...or did he? Maybe that was him down there. He was only a friend of Shaun's, and it sounded like Herschel didn't really know him that well, so maybe the rest of his family didn't either or didn't see him much, being in-laws and all that. Silly or not, I think it's a reasonable assumption.

        I'm only bringing the show into it because I think it's safe to assume that the farm had a well, but the game is definitely adapted to weave around the comic's story, so while the actual stories don't collide, involvement of characters from the comic in the game make it clear that they touch&go just fine.

        • The Game and Comic take place in the same universe. The show does not. It's separate. Sure, that zombie could be Chet, but it could also be Leonard Nimoy's Spock. No evidence of Chet existing.

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      I know she's dead. I was just pointing out that I was confused how she died. I was being sarcastic when I said she was just unconscious and alive. Thanks for the info though.

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    I HAD the 400 Days characters and the stranger all ready to go, but I accidentally messed up the spacing, but instead of clicking undo, I accidentally clicked refresh so I lost all of it. I don't have enough time to type them again, so I'll edit it tomorrow. Sorry about that.

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