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Do you get tired of discussing?

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I was planning on joining TWD tv show forum but I don't see much of a point. What is there really to talk about? ep 1 for the game came out on Dec. 17th right? Or earlier? Why are we still here talking about theories? Doesn't it get old?
You have users saying "I love discussing the games because episodic gaming lets me talk about it with the community'
Haven't you ran out of stuff to talk about? I have. I love the forums like every other guy but I'm really tired of talking about it and would rather be sitting down playing it. What about you?
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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    I get tired of discussing nonsensical crap, Anything related to this Awesome game couldn't possibly bore me

  • Discussing? Nope. Waiting? Very yes.

  • I love coming on here. It helps pass the time while I'm waiting for the next episode.

  • Discussing keeps my nerd fu strong until the game resumes.

  • Nah, discussing the game is the only thing that keeps me sane until the next episode.

  • I get what you're saying. It's not that discussing the game isn't fun or doesn't enrich the experience. But after a while, we do run out of things to say. I mean we've all seen this. How many "I know/wonder/hope that the person Clem though was alive is _______" threads have we seen? Too many, by my count. But there's not much else to talk about now.

    The problem lies not in the concept of episodic gaming itself, which I do think is interesting, but in how Telltale is executing it right now, which leaves a lot to be desired. During the three to four weeks following an episode's release, lots of interesting threads pop up and great discussions are had. But soon after that, conversation topics kinda dry up. People run out of things to say about the episode and all you have left are threads that are either recycled or completely ridiculous. We're well past that point now with Episode 1.

    In the future, Telltale needs to get better at sticking to around 4 weeks between episode releases. That gives the fans plenty of time to have good discussion on the episode but not so much time that they get bored and start coming up with theories about how Lee might make his triumphant return this season...

  • I was pretty eager at first when I joined this forum, but after Ep1 came out, it's just the same shit everywhere. Kenny this, Lilla that, some occassional trollthreads, then someone whining about Ben again, Kenny, Lilly, some more Kenny, trolls, spambots, Kenny.

    It gets...tiring...sometimes.

  • No tired leave the site if truly love something all aspects all angles of the game should entertain you why love discussing this game everyone has different take on the game so fun learn about how other people experience differed from your own and with many moral decisions in the game so many hot topics as to thinking behind your decision also the predictions which is lot of fun, reactions to latest telltale tease and people moaning is lot fun to read random gifs, fanart, videos brilliant just love it

    • Seriously, you have good information in there. Even if you're not an english speaker (or at least don't have english as your first language) use some punctuation! I might be more inclined to read and respond if I didn't feel like I was reading something said by a kid with the worst case of ADHD ever.

      • Feel necessary to stop grammar trolls actually College student with top grades unfortunately have dyslexia so even though sometimes my sentences don't come out right is because of this. Actually very intelligent person that's why respond like this when asked about grammar

        • Problem is you didn't respond like this when someone pointed out grammar, you started like this. All I'm saying is you seem like a smart person, I have seen you bring up extremely important and insightful points in other threads, but this doesn't help you make a statement. It just makes it that much more difficult for someone to hold a promising conversation with you.

          If you feel you are spearheading a grammar revolution and making progress then by all means, push on; but I (and I am guessing some others) am turned away from conversations I find hard to follow. Even if they are filled with interesting statements.

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