What decisions should I make

edited February 2014 in The Walking Dead

I'm gonna replay S1 before S2 Ep 2 comes out. What choices should I make:

The one I plan on are:

Leave at night
Be Hohenest with Hershel
Save Duck
Side with Kenny
Give her the gun
Save Carley
Cut off David's leg
Don't shoot Jolene
Try to revive Larry
Don't kill the brothers
Steal from the Stranger
Don't shoot the girl in the street
Don't leave Lilly
Talk down Kenny
Have Kenny kill Duck
Help Omid
Have Kenny kill Fivel
Don't threaten Vernon
Bring Clem to Crawford
Save Ben
Show the bite
Cut off my arm
Loose my temper
Give up my weapons
Clem kills the Stranger
Kills Lee also
Save Justin
Drive away in the car
Leave Nate
Tell the truth to Leland
Leave in the RV
Everyone goes with Tavia

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