• This is a good idea for a thread.

    Don't forget the Magic Mirror, also from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    Also note that while Holly's bar does reference Three Billy Goats Gruff, the actual troll from that story is Grimble, the sleeping security guard for the Woodlands.

    Is there a story about the Witching Well?

    • Thanks. :) I'll add a note for Magic Mirror.

      I do remember now that Grimble was supposed to be the troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Perhaps Holly was just making a joke when she named her bar, since it's one of the most popular troll stories that there is?

      I haven't come up with much about the Witching Well. There are a lot of themes from old folklore buried in that one object, but I can't find any stories that mention it specifically. Maybe it was just one of Willingham's creations. The term "Well Witching" refers to dowsing, but that seems unrelated.

      • I know you said no disney but in Enchanted theres a witching well which takes whoever falls down it in the human/mundane world. I doubt it's that one but it could be idk?

        maybe its why if you're a bad fable you thrown in there, to get sent back to the homelands?

        • That's interesting. I had completely forgotten about that well in Enchanted. (It's been a while since I've seen that movie.)

          I think the Enchanted well was probably a reference to the wishing well in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. (I do love Disney, by the way! :) I was just looking for older stories). Enchanted came out in 2007, and The Witching Well first appeared in Fables around 2004.

          I did find a note on the Witching Well here on the Vertigo Wiki (comic spoilers) that says it's supposed to be all unnamed magical wells in all stories and that Willingham liked the fact that its name was similar to Wishing Well.

  • Updated for episode 3. An interesting episode compared to the first 2 since in it we have only 2 characters who are easily traced to fairy tales (Dr. Swineheart and Flycatcher), added to that we have an urban legend rather than an actual story (Bloody Mary), a character whose origins haven't been revealed (Vivian), and another whose origins I can't place (Auntie Greenleaf).

    So, while updating this post I found that this episode just wasn't as straightforward as the others. Anyway, if anyone has any more ideas or thoughts about Auntie G. or Vivian, please feel free to add them.

    EDIT: Found Auntie (or "Aunty"... not used to spelling it like that) Greenleaf's story. Good story, and entirely new to me. :) Post has been updated again.

  • Fantastic, no, fantastic isn't the word for this thread, superasmfantasmicellence is the word! Just made the word up fyi, totally following this so I could be up to date with these stories that I don't rightly know yet!

  • I also couldn't find any fairytale characters called Vivian, but it could be the anglicised version of the Irish "Bébinn", which is apparently common in mythology. The Wikipedia entry mentions a few things, but mostly of the 'godess' variety which I think Fables would stay away from. It does say, however, that "In the Fenian Cycle of Irish tales, Bébinn is "a beautiful giantess of aristocratic bearing" who seeks protection from the Fianna when an ugly giant pursues her."

    It'd be neat if she turns out to be a giantess under a glamour.

    • That's really interesting. How awesome would it be if Vivian shed her glamour and turned out to be some gorgeous, radiant, giant goddess who did her best to protect the other girls? :)

      I really hope that they'll give us an origin for her. I can't wait to see what it is.

  • Great job with the thread, after reading Toad's story i realised i saw an animated movie about him on Animax some years ago. I also watched Beowulf in that period, i didn't realised Gren was from there. I didn't knew about Bufkin, Georgie, Bluebeard, Greenleaf, Hans, Swineheart or Faith and Lawrence's origins either.

  • Updated for Episode 4. :) Pretty straightforward. Just four new characters this time.

  • great thread, thanks for the info

  • So this will (probably) be my last update to the original thread. Not much new in episode 5, just a confirmation for Vivian's origin story. I would have done it earlier, but it's been a busy couple of weeks for me. Again, if I missed anything let me know! Take care all. :)

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