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Why the hate?

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I know this a bit off topic but why is everyone hating on pewdiepie just because he got early access.
There is no reason to hate in my opinion.
(Sorry if its bad english)

Edit: I shouldnt have made this thread because i see now that was a very stupid move and i am sorry if i sounded like a butthurt 12 year old pewdiepie fan. Lets just talk about twau on this forum instead of talking about other unrelated shit. Have a good day.

  • I don't, but I believe people think that Telltale is giving him special treatment. That is not true: Pewdiepie is nothing more than a business option.

  • Ok pewdiepie is alright every game does it and brings more people playing such great a game don't see a problem 22 million subscribers very rare only problem is company's paying for positive reviews

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    I agree with what Ohyoupokedme said above: he is a business option. And a fairly effective one, I found this game through him.

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    InHarmsWay BANNED

    Just saying guys but it was only a couple of hours early. Not like 4 months, sheesh.

  • I know.The 99th comment on the specific thread was mine,and i asked them the same thing.I'm not in the mood to rewrite that monologue here,so you might as well go there and see it.

  • I don't hate him for getting early access. I hate him for the same reason Harold Bloom had a conniption over Stephen King receiving the annual National Book Foundation's award - because the man gets too much popularity and recognition for the absolute mind-bendingly stupid shit he makes. Except Stephen King is an intelligent man who has made something of worth over the course of his life. Felix the I-can't-call-him-that-on-this-forum made nothing and yet he's more popular than Jesus, I swear to god.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    While we all have the right to be annoyed by this you have look at it from Telltale's perspective, None of us have 20+ Million Youtube subscribers, None of us are famous annoying pricks who people love to watch,If they were gonna give that kind of privilege to someone it has to be him , We all do whats best for ourselves and is in our interests, End of Story


    • Yep, dumb people instantly get famous among the masses that like hearing shitty, forced jokes every so often, (or screaming) it's really a tragedy if you think about it.

    • Why is he a prick? He didn't do anything wrong, did he?
      And if you hate him so much, then just don't watch his video's, it's as simple as that.

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        Because he is Annoying Af and that is a fact, And if you like him so much watch all his videos and let other people express their opinions, How's that?

        • You can express your feelings, but you don't have to call him a prick just because he got it one or two hours earlier.

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            SaltLick305 BANNED

            Thats not the reason I did it, If you actually read my comment and put some thought into it befors posting such a comment you would see I actually understand why Telltale gave him that privilige, Thats life deal with it, I call him that because he represents a lot of things that are wrong with today's world, People out there doing good things are nothing yet this guy making silly jokes and and trying to be funny in a 15 minutes video is rich ,If you like him so much like all hos videos, go for it but don't judge people who are annoyed by these kind of things

            • I mean I get he can be sometimes childish but he genuinely does good things like charities and stuff?

              He might not be your cup of tea, I get that, don't watch him then. If you don't watch him then you can't complain about how annoying he is. No one is forcing you to watch him.

              What does he represent which is wrong with today's world? Sorry but examples? I genuinely don't watch him much since he's quite oblivious to simple things in games, so I'm uninformed on the subject of his 'wrong-doings'.

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                SaltLick305 BANNED

                People are tired of others getting better treatment, Not only us the fans but i've heard a lot of youtubers say so themselves they are sick of being overshadowed by an overrated Guy who became a youtube sensation out of nowhere, As for the charity events yeah i will give you that but you could say he owes it to his "fans" , They made him who he is today , I've seen youtubers who have less than 600 subscribers and take part in the same events without having the millions Pewdiepie has, I don't despise him or anything but he is overrated

                • Yeah he's overrated for sure. But it doesn't justify calling him a prick. I see where you're coming from though (:

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                    SaltLick305 BANNED

                    Thanks, You are not a complete ignorant like certain people here And I completely understand if you like him, i ain't gonna judge nobody because they do but to deny he is overrated in a way or that he gets way too much credit and special treatments is foolish , No one likes when the impression someone else is better than you is given

              1. Learn how to spell.
              2. don't be jealous of youtubers.
              3. don't be mad about 1 hour difference.
              4. Research before commenting. (he support company's such as WNF.)

              Now you tell me to deal with it, when you're then one who is actually upset about a one hour difference.

              I wasn't judging anyone. I simply said that Pewdiepie wasn't a prick.

  • For better or worse, Pewdiepie's videos rack up a lot of publicity for Telltale games. It makes total sense that popular let's players should get advance copies if having the videos up around release time will increase sales and spread the word.

    As for whether Pewdiepie deserves to be famous, I'm personally kind of lukewarm about it. Often he'll annoy me and I'll go back to my actual favourite let's players, but I find that his personality works well with a few games he's covered - usually ones that reward experimentation and interacting with everything like a drunk toddler.

    For example, his current Jazzpunk let's play is entertaining to me because the game actually has interesting results when Pewdiepie flips bacon onto a dude's face or hits a chinese restaurant greeter with a flyswatter. Many let's players would miss easter eggs like that by wanting to keep the story rolling.

    On the other hand, his Dark Souls let's play was just godawful. He guaranteed edited out 80% of his deaths and accepted advice from his fans, which are both fatal to the fun of watching someone play that game. Sometimes I feel like he over-edits just to cater to 12-year-old attention spans, and I find that kind of mentality doesn't do justice to a lot of games out there.

  • That thread was about early access. He get it, not other youtubers. He published video before episode released. And, it means he get it early, may be 1 day. I was annoyed because HE PUBLISHED VIDEO BEFORE EPISODE RELEASED. I wasn't talking about "hate". That was the case.

    But I hate him, too. I watched lots of his videos. I wanted to understand people, but I was not able to understand. His videos are really bad. But, I'm just talking about his videos and youtube thing.

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