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When episode 2 came out I figured I'd be excited, like I was in the past playing through The Walking Dead S1 and Sam & Max Season 3. When each new episode came out in those series, I was extremely excited and blew through the episodes, totally engaged the whole way through in one sitting. With TWAU, however, I didn't get that feeling. I began to play episode 2, maybe got 20-30 minutes in and just stopped. I had no engagement, wasn't that interested, etc. I think it may have been due to the long wait that my desire and urge to play and unravel the story has died. Has anyone else experienced this? How did you get over it? I just can't seem to get back into it.


  • Happened to me this year playing Back flag and gta v and when finished walking dead s2 my head just said is that it? But TWAU blew me away delighted with it just down to you don't have to love every telltale game if didn't impress you recommend getting different game or replaying it in week and see if feel different

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    I think the problem was partly because of the wait, and partly because the story didn't feel like it was leading anywhere. One of the main driving factors for the first episode was the death of Faith, which we were at least slightly emotionally invested in and encouraged us to solve the case. For the second episode, at first I was like "I have to solve the case, some bastard killed snow!", but then she was alive and now I'm thinking, "Ok, maybe faith is alive as well. The only person I can be sure that's dead is some troll I never knew", and that definitely killed part of the feels lol.

    Another thing is, when I play other TTG's games(That's as bad as DC(Detective Comics) comics lol) I feel like the story progresses in some way, but in TWAU, sure there were many different scenes and we met lots of characters, but none of them really mattered much, they were only their to drive the plot a bit further. Maybe that's just me though lol, as clearly lots of other people enjoyed the episode.

    I guess its just a matter of personal taste in the end.

  • Maybe you should just wait till all 5 episodes come out and play them back to back. After i downloaded episode 2 i actually deleted my save and played throw episode 1 again before playing episode 2 and it got me back in to the game. As long as episode 3 comes out in march i should have no problem staying in the game.

  • I agree completely, I'm not even sure if I'll buy the rest of the season after that hackjob.

  • I had a feeling this might happen due to the long wait, so I replayed Episode 1 the day before. It did help a bit, but it also made the drop in polish more obvious.

    Just like a serialised TV show, the best way to play these games will always be to wait until the whole season is out and then marathon the entire thing. However, I just don't have the patience now I've started. I just hope Episode 3 is up to the high standard set by Episode 1.

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    Yeah, waiting for each new episode may be a drag, but that shouldn't affect the anticipation of playing this game. If it does, then that probably means you're not really interested in this game to begin with.

  • Hack job? I think thats unduly harsh.

  • I really hope and want it to come in March, Cant bloody wait more.

  • Well I Don't. Took 4 MONTHS for one episode to be released. The graphics are a huge step down on my Ps3, story is largely incoherent and thrown together in a hurry, the game chugs along and constantly freezes, etc. I actually replayed the episode cause I thought I was being harsh but nope, it is of poor quality and nowhere near the expectations I have for Telltale releases.

  • Well, I guess I dont agree. Ive been well satisfied with my playthroughs. Sorry you are having such a bad experience.

  • You sir are waiting to be disappointed. Late May early June is what I'd put my bets on.

  • But the thing is that I WAS really into it, at least for the first episode. Maybe it was because of what spike1 above said. Snow just kind of shows up out of nowhere and it kind of felt like it undid the gravity of the situation that I felt at the end of the first episode. The tension level and desperation of the situation was just gone. I'm going to try and give it another shot soon, but man I'm bummed that I'm not getting that same feeling I got playing through S1 of TWD or even the feeling I got playing through the first episode of TWAU.

  • im not excited, mostly cause im waiting weeks for a murder mystery to unfold slowly

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    I get it, ep1 I felt was longer/more involved and Snow's death really made me want to play episode 2. But even the ending of ep2 was not as drastic and the story wasn't moving along fast enough for me. I like Snow but I think it would of been much more interesting if she really was murdered. I haven't lost faith (pun haha) though and am still looking forward to ep3 :)

  • I know what you're feeling... I was simply amazed by the first episode, and was going insane with hype. Yet, 2,5 months of waiting did its work and now I have to recreate my dead hype. Though I can tell you that it's building up slowly, but surely :)

  • Im sorry as well, I really enjoyed episode 1. Ah well, we can agree to disagree.

  • I highly doubt Faith is alive, since her head had probably been there quite a while and hadn't transformed and she wrote (pretty much) a suicide note to Prince Laurence saying she was sorry

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