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    Lol you just joined the forum and you are trolling around, Not sure what kind of impression you wanna give people but fuck it


  • You don't have to smash up the strip club if you don't want too its your choice. As for Crane please remember that the story isn't over yet we are only at episode 2 future episodes most likely will explain this.

  • The Beast fight was the most disappointing part of episode 2.

  • That's totally ridiculous. The episode wasn't two hours long.

  • On some sentiments I agree with you, but this post is just poorly thought-out.

    The section where you can break Georgie's stuff does come across as stilted. They didn't do a good enough job making you hate Georgie, he's too amusing and pseudo-affable. The flow between each stage of the item-breaking doesn't really work if you don't break the items, because there's no reason for Bigby and Georgie to keep moving around the club.

    The Beast fight felt tacked on and railroaded.

    However, I must disagree with your notion that Crane using prostitutes and having a Snow fetish was a rewrite. It's clearly foreshadowed in Episode 1, with his "massages" and the purchase of the bottle of wine. It perfectly agrees with Crane's appearance in the comic series. It makes sense as part of his character and as a connection with Lily's disappearance, which was also clearly foreshadowed and seems somewhat integral to the plot.

    Really, I'd love to hear an explanation as to why you feel that Crane's involvement doesn't make sense, because it to me it makes perfect sense.

  • Technically, there wasn't a fight with Georgie in this episode to begin with. And if you did consider it a fight, well, it obviously didn't last that long.

  • So, you joined the forums today. 9 days after the release of ep 2 solely for the purpose of saying it sucks? Damn, i would've given you credit if you bothered to give more details about why do you think "Ep 2 sucked so bad" Oh well....

  • Wtf do you play the wolf among us because of some fighting scenes? This ain´t a fighting game. I think that episode 2 was awosome (could been longer thoug) and I´m super exited about episode 3.

  • Would've been better to title this "Episode 2 discussion", keep the thread unbiased but still stating your own opinion in the original post.
    Disregarding the poorly phrased title of this topic, I'd like to make my opinion about episode 2 heard. Here goes...

    Being extremely pleased with the first episode and so excited for the second one, I went into the episode with expectations held high. It might have something to do with the fact that the wait was much, much longer than usual.

    Anyway, after playing the episode I just felt... underwhelmed. We are able to suggest Bluebeard as a prime suspect, and without further warning he's a co-interrogator for the same murders we suspected him for? We then get to meet several other new characters, including a short conversation with Jack, a short scene with The Little Mermaid, and a short sequence with the Pimp. The keyword here is "short" - there was never any room for character development, they were simply introduced one after the other before never being seen in the episode again. I was sure there would be more encounters with these characters during the episode, but once I thought I was about half-way through the episode was over. Yes, the episode itself was also (wouldn't you believe it?) short. Now I'm sure we'll get to meet these (quite interesting) characters again in the upcoming episodes, but that's the point; this episode just felt like a "filler". Like it wasn't even 100% necessary for this episode to be released as a seperate.

    I guess I'm still kinda looking forward for the upcoming episodes, but I lost so much interest because of this episode. Wasn't anything special, making me doubtful if the rest of it will be anything special either. Disappointed. But yeah, that's just my opinion and I understand and accept that others may feel differently.

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