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400 Days: Let's keep going! (fan-fic)

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I just discovered the Fan-fics on the site. I'm really loving them! I don't just want to jump in to the one that's in progress, as it's 48 pages long at this point, and the latest summary was page 26. So I figured I'd start my own! This one is going to be about 400 Days, the extra adventure of TWD. Ok, ground rules.

Leave your posts open ended! Don't kill everyone, or say the end, or just generally end the story!---Stick with the current story. Subplots are fine, just stick with what the last person just did. Having someone undo all of your work is beyond frustrating---Don't bring back dead characters for no reason. They're dead.---This is a mature story. No rule 34, or random things that are stupid intentionally.---Don't post your part as a reply, Replies are strictly for responses or criticisms or reactions to whatever you're replying to.---GET CREATIVE
Ok, part 1. Oh, by the way, this is assuming everyone went with Tavia. Should I list this as spoilers for 400 days? I need an opinion. Also, feel free to jump in and add to the plot at anytime, participation is what makes this so fun, and everyone is encouraged to add! I'll have part 1 up in a second, as a starting point.

All new Fan-fic, in the same continuity as the first, but we start off focusing on an all-new group! But I want to re-introduce everyone else later, the link to it is here: It's not required, but I want you all to come join :D

  • We really do need a summary don't we? :' ) I might consider joining in.

    • Yeah, right but this thread is going to deal with the same problems as the other fan-fic thread. The longer it gets the harder it is to join in and you can't force people to make a summary but hoping someone takes the initiative to spend his time and effort doing it. I must admit that really hurt, reading that people don't want to join as it's gotten too long. I am not a native english speaker and it was really not easy for me doing all the summaries as well as the Backup. It's as if my effort was without success, as I now have seen myself people don't want to join after all, somehow frustrating.

      • I think I will make the next summary, I haven't made one yet and I feel like I should take the task this time.

        • Don't do it all by yourself, it's too much work. How about you do pages 26-36 and I do pages 36-46 and then someone can do another at the end of episode 5? If we break it down it shouldn't be too hard to get it done.

          • I hope you didn't misunderstand: I did the summaries because I wanted and it was fun and I didn't blame anyone. It's just that it needs time and I have other daily responsibilities as well, like all of you. I can help you with the summary. Tell me which Pages and I'll do it.

  • All 7 of them fit into Taiva's small car. It had been quiet before anybody decided to spark a conversation. "So, um where is this place? Your settlement." Asks Vince. Taiva begins. "Well..."

    • Hello! Welcome to the 400 days fan fiction. Currently we have maybe 4 members and we need more people! There are summaries that can be read to catch yourself up! We only have 2 episodes done so far.

      Episode 1: A New Threat Summary on Page 6

      Episode 2: Starved For Vengeance Summary on Page 9

      Episode 3: From Every Angle Summary on Page 11

      We only have about 10 pages done so I would recommend reading it all. But if you don't want to then you can read the summaries.

  • "I don't know guys.....This may have been a mistake." Russel says, as he looks at the highway they were driving on, sighing. "Russel, this was a great idea! Fresh food, clean water, honest-to-god WARMTH, my god how long has it been since the last worm fire we've had? Well it's our second spring so......since last Summer! 3 season's ago Russ!" Bonnie said, comforting him. "I know for survival it'll be better, if Tavia isn't lying, but my folks...... If they're not there, then either they're moved on, and I'll never see them again, or they're dead, which is FAR worse. I dunno guys.....If they aren't there......then maybe not knowing would have been preferable......Tavia, pull over, I need some air." Tavia looked back at Russel, who was pale, and pulled over. Russel got out, and ran to the ditch, vomiting. Bonnie got out to go console him, but he, still doubled over, made a dash into the forest before anyone could react. "RUSSEL NO!" Bonnie yelled, chasing after him. "Dammit.....Wyatt, hand me my gun, I'll go get them back." Vince said, as Wyatt passed him his gun. He loaded it, and went in, as Shel said "Tavia, let's do something!" "No, we can't! If you guys show up without me, IF you find the camp, they won't let you in without me telling the you're safe. If I die, everyone's hopes are lost." "Well I am NOT risking being ditched again, like Eddie ditched me!" Wyatt said, looking at the forest. "Well I'm with Becca, and we're not going in alone!" Shel said, "Shel, I'm old enough! Let's go help!" "No Bonnie, it's too risky." "Then we play the waiting game...." Tavia said, as everyone turned to look at the forest.
    Vince dashed as fast as he could, looking for Bonnie and Russel. A walker ran up, and grabbed him, as he shot it in the head, quickly continuing along. Rushing a corner, Vince collided with Bonnie, who shrieked, and pulled her gun. "VINCE! Oh god are you ok! Oh, I heard a gunshot and thought we were being trailed by scavengers!" Bonnie said, putting away her gun, and standing up. "Yeah, I'm fine. Where's Russel?" "Oh my god, he's stuck in a pit of quicksand, real thick mud, and he's sinkin'! I went to go get help, he's this way!" Vince ran, and saw Russel, panicking, and screaming, with sand up to his neck. "Damn it Russel, did you struggle!" Vince said, as Russel pointed at a walker, approaching. "He heard the gunshot! Help Me!" Vince looked around frantically. Bonnie passed him a long stick, and he gave 1 end to Russel. He pulled as hard as he could, as the stick snapped, leaving from his knees down left in the quicksand. Vince looked around, and couldn't find anything long enough to pull him out, so he reached out, grabbing his hand, pulling him out. The walker grabbed his foot, as he was being pulled out, and bit the bottom of his shoe. Russel screamed, and slipped off his shoe, allowing the walker to slowly sink into the quick sand. "Ok, we got Russel. Let's head back to the car." Bonnie said, as Vince agreed. Leading the way, Vince said "Light! We're back to the ca- no. no no no no no NO!!!!" Vince hollered, falling to his knees, as a confused Bonnie and Russel approached. They stood there in silence. The car was gone. Leaving skid marks, and a small puddle of blood behind.

    Ok, this should be interesting. I'm now genuinely curious to see how the next person either continues Vince, Bonnie, and Russel's adventure, explains why Tavia, Becca, Shel, and Wyatt left, or BOTH!

  • "Well...we have a long road ahead of us. We live in a small Town called Wellington. It´s safer then here because of the cold. We need to keep moving!

  • Oops. Well, damn it, I just completely ignored my first poster! I've screwed up right away! Good for me! I was typing a premise, an opening, and I've already gotten an original first post. I suck. Sorry guys, I should pay more attention!

  • No problem at all! Thank you for all the eforrt and good work you doing shall we continue with our little story, or go on where your post ended?

  • Hm......Well, I'm quite proud of my part, I guess, I suppose continue from my post? I dunno. Yeah, next part continue off my post, sorry for the confusion!

  • I lets go on then!
    Frustraded and feeling betrayed Vince, Bonnie and Russel stared into the darkness. Suddenly far away a dark silhouette approached, coming closer and closer by every step. " What are we gonna do now Vince?" Russel scarefully asked....

  • The dark silhouette approached them.

    Vince pulled his gun on the mysterious figure.

    "Please, don't kill me" a womens voice said.

    "Its a girl?" Russel asks.

    "The names Lily" The woman says...

  • Ok, things are getting moving! I'll probably add to this in a second, if I feel like it :D

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