• Stranger's son is a minor character, plus he was like 10, how could a little kid lead a group of bandits? Glenn is with Rick, Lee is dead, and Molly said herself she doesn't like groups.

  • Although I do think that we haven't seen the last of Kenny ( I hope! ) I agree with you that Lilly is the mystery person. Clem does not seem at all pleased when she sees this mystery person..she never had a problem with Kenny. The fact that she still carries a drawing of him in her backpack..wouldn't she be happy to see him? Lilly however, everybody knew she was a jerk, including Clem. She was there when Lilly murdered Doug/Carly..she knows that this woman is unstable, which would lead to her more contemptuous reaction of "I thought you were dead." She seems to be frowning when she says it. Also, it would make more sense that Lilly would run a violent gang than Kenny. Kenny's last moves were sacrificing himself for his friends. Lily is a scorned woman who's father was killed, and was either left on the side of the road, or stole an RV to escape having to face what she'd done. It would make sense if Kenny appears later in the episodes and he and Lilly have a final showdown.

  • I agree, I'm a Kenny fan, but I think Lily is the "I thought you were dead" person and that Kenny is going to appear somewhere very dramatic.

  • It´s Kenny´s Mustache obviously

  • Kenny bear <3

    While yes it could be Lilly she was originally the comic book Lilly until they retcon'd it so I don't think they would want to go anywhere near this character again. There really is no real reason why Clem would think she is dead at all and if it was her I think she'd have a more horrified expression on her face in that preview scene compared to being shocked to see whoever it is.

  • It's kenny for sure, in the games files it says "kenny202" and "a house divided"

  • It's be cool if both kenny and lily show up in the same episode

  • I think it will be our beloved old buddy Kenny.
    Also, I don't think Kenny will be an antagonist.
    Here's why!

    Kenny's spirit is extremely resilient.
    Of course he's depressed and angry, after the loss of his family.
    Anyone would be!

    However, he keeps going on.
    And even though Kenny admitedly acts like a jackass for a while, by the end of the game, he does redeem himself.
    After Ben falls, Kenny puts his anger aside and tries to save him.
    Showing that even though he's understandably pissed off at Ben, who caused the death of his family, he still shows how strong his humanity is, by trying to help him.

    Or, if Christa gets trapped in that walker infested building, Kenny rises to the occasion and jumps in to save her, proving that even though he's grieving, he's still willing to put others ahead of himself.
    Either way, Kenny shows that he's a good man through and through!

    So as far as Kenny being a antagonist, doesn't seem likely.
    Possibly a hermit, until running into Clementine.
    But not an antagonist!

    Now Lilly, on the other hand, I could definitely see as an antagonist.
    She was all about survival.
    She was not only willing to let innocent people die, ( when Lee, Clementine and Kenny and his family arrived in front of the drugstore in Macon), but also murdered Carly in cold blood, without a hint of remorse.
    It was for those reasons I personally left her bitchy ass on the side of the road!

    On a side note, even though it's impossible, if it is Lee, I'll be like: "Holy Shit!"
    Honestly, I never for once thought Lee could come back, until you mentioned it.
    And I still don't!
    Lee was fucked the minute he got bit, even after Kenny cut his goddamn arm off, cause at that point is was already to late.
    Case and point, Herschel on the tv show!
    Lee is gone.

  • Why would CLementine think that Glenn or Molly are dead?... How the F*ck would Clementine know who the stranger's son is? From my point o view it has to be Kenny, I mean is the only charatcher that she thinks may be dead that may not be... Unless Clementine explain why she thinks Lilly is dead there's no reason for her to think that... Also yes, I see she thinking that Christa may be dead, but her reaction would be of joy and not surprise if the person was her, since she still hopes Christa is alive.

    So for me it's Kenny or a miracolous Ben escaped (this part of Ben was a joke...)

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