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Lawerence first but dead anyways?

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Is there something you are supposed to do, do the tarot cards affect if he is dead anyways? I replayed just so I could save him and chose him first like everyone says and he was dead anyways :(

  • Did you keep investigating after you arrived at the the apartment and found him there?

  • Tip: check the note on the bed. But do not check the note if you are not done investigating the flat, don't repeat my mistake. You won't have a chance to continue investigation after you pick up the note from the bed.

    I must also warn you that it is still possible to mess up and get Lawrence killed, so to speak. Even if you go to him before Toad's. But you will have to talk to him first.

  • You have to jump out at him before he shoots himself when Dee is in the room.

  • No, I'm saying he is dead when I get there, and I chose to go to him first, no dialog, no living lawerence, he has already od/cut/shot himself. I keep getting the same scene you get if you go to frog first.

    • What do you mean, the same scene? Is Lawrence on the floor?

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