• I really want to know too!

    Maybe it was The Crooked Man or someone working for him?
    One of the Tweedles?
    Here's a shocking idea... maybe it was Beauty?

    Also, do we think that Crane was aware of the picture being taken? I'm not sure of the angle, but could it have been taken by someone hiding somewhere in the room, like the closet? Was the person who took the pictures actively involved in the scenario, or did they secretly take them to possibly use them against Crane?

  • The year the game takes place in is June-July 1985 established on the current what year is it thread. Based on the Fables wiki and the credits screens it is the time Crane was fired. Hence my thought is that Cindy took the last photograph. Which would mean Crane is heavily involved in both murders.

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    I don't know, Anyways I don't think Crane just decided to take selfies with "Snow White" and just leave the photo there, Its obviously someone else

  • Good question i think beauty she never heard screaming or unusual behavior at the hotel at the reception lies. Beast shows up just as enter the room bit to convenient for my liking she realizes and compliments your detective work when you realize what happened in room as you investigate. Games like this make me very paranoid the plot thickens. Sneaks away secretly just so beast doesn't feel hurt at her job sneaking like spy and someone ends up dead

  • or the camera was on a timer, yea so that's a thing...

  • Hmm... I highly doubt that the perpetrator would keep his photos in the room that he murdered someone in, so my guess is that someone planted those there for Bigby to find.

    Or IDK.

    • No one else had a key to open that room. Only a spy could get in there or a thug like Dee. We already know Dee wouldn't incriminate Crane.

      • But, do we really know that no one else had a key to it? We know that the key that Beauty has that's supposed to unlock all of the doors won't work. But, we don't know how many keys there were to that door, or if any copies were made. It could be that there are a select few who have the key.

        Also, like you mentioned, a spy or a thug could pick the lock.

        • From my knowledge any business would only have a master key for the owner and worker/guest keys depending on which. Also business keys aren't allowed to be duplicated. Hence we know Crane has the key to the room. Dee could pick it but wouldn't. Cindy could pick it and would. Bluebeard's thugs could pick it. That's basically it.

          • Well, something funny is going on with the key, because according to Beauty, the master key does not unlock the room. So, it seems like within the context of room 207 the regular rules regarding businesses and their keys may not be applicable. In any case, hotel rooms do have multiple keys sometimes, right? (Or they used to before key cards).

            Crane has (or had) a key, that's a certainty. Others could get into the room by picking the lock. But I still think that more than one key to 207 could be a possibility.

    • You're right glamours...you can't even trust people's looks in this game.

      BUT Crane did smash the mirror as he was spying on them after seeing that he was getting pinned......HMMM....

  • Also, another related question is why does the photo look like it was torn in half? What's up with the black line.

    Alt text

    Assuming it was torn in half, I think we can't rule out Crane from the list of people who could've taken the photo. Maybe this was initially his photo, but he only wanted the part of it where he is all nice and romantic, cutting away left side.

  • There are two possible scenarios:

    1. Crane knows about this photo existing.

    Here are facts that sort of back up this theory: other photos from the envelope were almost certainly Crane's. They are old and they fit into his obsession with Snow. So having the photo of himself with Snow doesn't seem too off.

    Now there's this black line, it bugs me. I can't find any other explanation than Crane tearing part of the photo where he is nice and throwing the other part away. This is not a good explanation, but I don't have any other.

    Finally, when you discover the photo and Crane sees it in the mirror, he looks pissed, but not surprised or shocked. This can suggest that he already knew.

    2. Second option: Crane doesn't know about this photo.

    Facts that support this are as follows: angle of the photo makes the idea of it being taken from the window possible, though it also makes it possible to be taken by a camera on timer, standing on the table. Secondly, this photo is very incriminating and having it at all is dangerous. But that's about it, feel free to add your ideas.

    So, if Crane knows, who took the photo?

    1. He took in himself, using timer on the camera.

    2. Someone else took it on Crane's order, which means Crane let someone see the whole thing, which to me seems unlikely.

    If Crane doesn't know, who could have possibly taken photo like this? No idea. From where was it taken then?

    1. From the window? (Sorry for the quality, I'll get better screenshots when I can. )

    Alt text

    Here is the window. Its only logical that curtains are closed. There is a small gap though, so this is not completely impossible for photo to be taken from there. But it's difficult.

    2. From somewhere in the room? Not an option, there is nowhere to hide and have possibility to take clean photos in the same time.

    3. From magic mirror? This makes the suspect list very small. In fact, the only real suspect is Bluebeard, and he doesn't fit well into other criteria of our killer. (Buffkin and Snow don't fit at all for continuity reasons.)

    • You just made me consider that someone could simply photograph what the magic mirror shows without having to physically be in the room, but I don't think that would work either as it seems to have been 'bound', so to speak, before this murder occurred.

      Of course, how would the photographer then get into the room to put the photos in the closet if the room is locked, even from the master key? Perhaps whoever used the self-timer simply exited the window so as to draw as little attention as possible. Also, the rooms are uptairs (hence 207) so there's a distance to jump, too.

      As for the black line, I suspect doctoring, mainly because it makes no sense to be so meticulous about the ritual (e.g. the specific type of apple as noted in the book) and then leave a folder of evidence behind. I'm also very curious about handwriting comparisons between what was written in that book and the note at Prince Lawrence's apartment, but that may overthinking it that part. Good effort, though.

      • I'm also very curious about handwriting comparisons between what was written in that book and the note at Prince Lawrence's apartment

        Nice idea. I'm going to start a new thread about this one, because I've found something interesting.

  • It is possible that someone had the intention to frame Crane and glamoured him/herself to look like him and took a photo to fool Bigby and Snow. Atleast this could explain why the picture was taken. Also, this would make sense when you think about why the pictures were there in the first place; Crane is too smart and cunning to just leave behind obvious evidence in such a manner. If it indeed is Crane this has to be some sort of setup!

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