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What do you think about the "vibe" of the game?

posted by Gabigby on - Viewed by 703 users

I really liked the noir vibe that the game have, like the lonely wolf \detective living in a small apartment. the colors of the city and backgrounds it's all purple and look like neon. It's always night too.
In the comic books that "vibe" doesn't happens.

  • I also enjoy the griddy vibe of the game. It isn't always night tho.

  • Yes, the art style and neon color palette work very well for the setting, and noir is the perfect genre for Bigby. The design choices have all worked for me so far.

  • Yeah, the vibe's awesome. It's what really makes the game in many ways better and unique than other games nowadays, in my opinion. Especially like in the beginning of the first Episode when Bigby was in his apartment with Colin and having the relaxed music in the background. It really sets the mood.

  • I think that it's a beautiful game. I love the colors, the music, the cel-shading, and the way that it all comes together. The aesthetic is very cohesive, it all fits.

  • the art style is just brilliant for the game, and I like the gritty and dark nature. It's as if there is always something terrible around the corner, and I like how they've presented the inequality of the Fables. The music is also great, especially the intro and main menu music- they're both moody but totally appropriate

  • I agree, the mood of the game is just right. The noir style is great and I have always liked the genre. The neon colouring and cell shading work really well at bringing life to fable town and its characters. I also love the moody synthesized music, reminding me of John Carpenter's work. It all comes together to create quite a unique gaming experience.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Just like a lot of you had already said, I love the heavily atmospheric nature of the game. The dark neon purple and orange shades look really amazing, and it's cool to see graphics that look so close to a comic book.

  • Agreed.
    Telltale did an excellent job to create this atmosphere.

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