• No you are wrong. The crooked man and bluebeard are from different stories, they are not the same person. Somebody managed to find his model and make video of it so here it is; The crooked man

    [Mod Edit: Redacted; Puzzlebox previously mentioned they are not allowed to host unfinished/unapproved art assets on their site as a DC Licensee.]

  • What's up with his eye?!

  • While I admit that's something quite compelling, I was simply stating my thoughts after playing the last episode. But I'm still gonna remain skeptical until the next chapter comes out.

  • I seriously doubt Bluebeard is involved in the murders due to continuity reasons. I suppose it could still happen, but it would require a lot of explanation. I missed the bit about "crooked lane," though, and it wouldn't surprise me if he's had dealings with the Crooked Man. I do find it odd that he was getting involved in Bigby's interrogation, since he's not officially connected to Fabletown's government. Could be that he's trying to cover some of his shadier dealings, or else he's as worried about this Crooked Man as everyone else.

  • It's the ginger man from the first episode for a few reasons.

    1. His tie has crooks on it
    2. His clothing is the same texture as the piece of cloth you found in the first episode.
    3. He appears everywhere, seemingly stalking Bigby in the first episode.
    4. He's always wearing a smug smile on his face with every encounter.
    5. He's a ginger and therefore has no soul, making him the perfect antagonist.
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