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Is there alternate dialog that is less vulger and violent?

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I watched the first episode to check out the new game 'The Wolf Among Us' and thought is was very intense and pretty heavy, though to be honest the 'vulgarity' and the 'decapitation' thing was a gross out. The cursing all the time was just a turn off. Interesting game but if there were alternate dialog, and it would be nice to have some scenes (like the crime scenes with bodies) were off camera, would make the game more enjoyable and less of a 'lets freak out the audience' thing, in my opinion.


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    AdmiralSweet BANNED

    Really... Really. Having a crime scene off Camera is one of the worst things that could happen, it removes all purpose of a mystery or crime thriller. People curse, you knew what to expect when you bought the game.

  • As an adult I don't mind if the game has adult content such as violence, nudity or vulgar language. And it was my informed decision to buy the game which includes such content. It is said in several places that game is suitable only for adults and there's violence, strong language and nudity. Considering that it's based on Vertigo comic, I would find it annoying if TTG would have made the game suitable also for children by taking away all content for mature audience, because such version wouldn't be loyal to the comics.

  • you of course are entitled to what you like, i am saying for myself that i would prefer a check box or something that would make it less gross and less caustic in my opinion, thats all. But what you choose to play or watch is fine. I am not saying make it less so if that is what 'some' audiences want. But i am saying it would be nice to have the 'choice' of editing those out for those of us that prefer not to deal with the language or the beheaded scenes.


    • Making also a censored version would increase production time of the episodes and considering the fact that the waiting time between the episodes is already long enough, I don't support such idea. I don't mind if they make such mode once the season is finished, but I doubt there will be a huge demand, considering that also the source material is aimed for mature audiences only.

    • How are you supposed to investigate the crime scene if you can't see it? And changing the dialogue would change the player's impression of the characters. Doesn't work.

  • Mature audiences, that's just how it is.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I'm sure that in the future, Telltale will also do some series for less mature audiences again. For now, there's no way they'll crank down gore and language - after all, the comic series of both TWD and TWaU don't have alternative dialog as well. Feel free to make a "Stranger in the Alps" fan dub. I'd watch that!

  • Should TT make My Little Pony Adventure game for you?

  • Honestly Teal, with all the violence and vulgarity I can get with other AAA games (borderlands 2, the bioshock games, call of duty, any online game, ect) along with movies and television I found TWAU to be rather par for the course (or even on the tame side). I highly doubt telltale would come out with a censored version on their own; however, that being said there may be ways to play the game with minimal levels of violence and vulgarity - just always choose to be the nicest Bigby you can be. Doing so will allow you to avoid all of the more grotesquely violent scenes and will minimize (but probably not eliminate) the vulgarity.

    Of course if the ambiant plot (which as you pointed out does involve decapitated heads) is too much for you still, you could try a different work with similar themes to this one. I would recommend the book "The Book of Lost Things" which has a similar twisted fairy tale theme going for it without any of the adult language and violence of TWAU.

  • The game is intended for mature audience only, if you want a kids game - buy one, theres a ton out there. People like you, who complain about mature stuff in games/movies/tv, you are the ones to blame for the rise of that pg 13 crap in media, like new Robocop that has no dark satire, no gory violence and Murphy dies in a stupid car bomb explosion. Go and play with your rainbows and unicorns if you don't like TWAU, if you strip away all its strong language, violence and sexual themes you are left with a pretty bland story that in no way reflects the reality of poverty, isolation, corruption and other themes the game addresses.

  • No, there is no alternate dialogue, and no way to "turn off" the investigation scenes. It would be very hard to play this game if you could not investigate the victims' remains.

    I understand that this game includes content that some people may find shocking or offensive. But it is a game that's based on a mature comic series (which is, itself, based on the darker side of folklore) and to be fair there are warnings all over it. "Rated M for intense violence, blood and gore, sexual themes, partial nudity, drug reference, strong language, and use of alcohol and tobacco." The game is pretty clear about what to expect, I think. I know people who aren't interested in this game because they don't want to see those things. Fair enough. That's why there's a ratings system, so people know what they're getting into. If you see a warning label that tells you that a game is intensely violent, then believe it.

  • dude that's the main reason why I like this game so much , as a grown man I can't play anything censored .
    This game is not for kids and telltale even asks you to give a date of birth before entering the game's page

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