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Warm welcome from Telltaled!

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Hello all!

Thank you very much Telltale Games for making it all possible. Today I was very excited when the new Telltaled Newsletter arrived. I mean, there aren't too many companies, which have their own forum on there page, their own store and even their first fansite - just after a few weeks. Well, time flies and I am very pleased with the whole Telltale site. Thanks again Telltale, you guys rock. ;)

So how should I say? Maybe some of you might have noticed that Telltale got its first and only fansite called "Telltaled". As I am its founder I would be very happy to get some feedback from you guys about the site and stuff like that. Some of you might also have noticed that Telltaled is actually hiring. Yeah, not just Telltale. :)

I would be quite happy if anyone of you is interested, because here is the official press release:


So what is this all about?
Hello all and welcome to the first and only Telltale Games fansite called "Telltaled". Telltale is a new game company dedicated to bringing story, character and narrative based games to a discriminating audience. Created by seasoned veterans of the gaming industry, Telltale promises to create something special!.

We will try to bring you the hottest news and safest rumors around the globe regarding Telltale's newest adventure game productions. So stay tuned for exclusive content including official press releases, heartbreaking news, exclusive developer interviews, screenshots and hopefully a lot more.

Telltaled hires
You have great writing (journalist), graphic or webdesign skills (web designer/webmaster), you are interested in Telltale Games or adventure games in general and you are interested in working for free? This is your chance to get onboard the first Telltale Games fansite ever. So please don't hesitate and send in your resume along with references to Telltaled (or just send a PM to me).

Alright, that's it. I hope all of us will have a great time in the Yak Space as I am already looking forward to the announcement of Telltale's first title.
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