Tales from the Borderlands to be canon in series

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The game will be driven by Telltale's take on Borderlands world, brand new fiction that will be canon to the universe Gearbox created.

"Telltale is creating their game and the story," Pitchford said. "We talk a bit about what things could be done. They get really engaged in the brand. They throw some things at us and we tinker a little bit."


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    For me not saying it's bad idea just hard to imagine rpg game like this becoming a telltale game and know how ambitious telltale are so probably try to make it better then the original but would loved to have seen Dark knight telltale game the joker has such depth and with storytelling at telltale sure make great game have it like wau introduce a lot of villains and moral decisions for bruce. Breaking bad and game of thrones are great choices though but borderlands really?

  • Good news. Anything else would have been boring.

  • Good. That is all.

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