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What are you killing time with waiting on Episode 2?

posted by Wolf-Legends on - last edited - Viewed by 6.2K users

Anyway, as the title hints - What have you been doing in the long and arduous wait for Episode 2. Iv'e completed all the assassins creeds
Replayed season one (gonna do 400 days soon aswell)
completed State of decay (you ass-holes better build a statue of me!)
Went mad on and then delirious on COD and Battlefield multiplayer (yes i know im a horrible human being)
and now im reading "the reapers are angels" by alden bell ,very good read so far iv'e also bought "the walking dead rise of the governor" and "world war z". And then - as it seems episode two is a while away yet - im going too buy some of the walking dead and fables comics too kill some time.
Thought this thread might be a nice change too the "i thought you were dead" or "WHENS THE DAMN TRAILER COMING OUT" threads. :)

(Wasn't sure whether too post this in "telltale talk" or just here - i went for here but mods feel free too move it if you deem fit)

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