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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    He becomes beasty when HE is mad,You could see he slowly transformed, First the red eyes and then the horns but it happens when he is under stress

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      MindWeb BANNED

      Actually, according to the Fables comic, he transforms when Beauty is angry, this is confirmed in Issue #1

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        I know (Big Comic Fan) but in the game in his stats it says that he transforms when he is mad and the way that scene played out im going with this one it seemed like he was getting more frustrated as the seconds passed

        • Are you talking about the entry? I am fairly certain it mention that he transforms when Beauty is angry at him and that he grows more beastly by the minute. And when the scene played out, Beauty was angry as well.

          There was this one instance where he confronted Jack in the comics where he transformed at will, but that was only thanks to Frau Totenkinder who gave him the ability to control it.

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            SaltLick305 BANNED

            In my opinion he transforms both ways,When Beauty is Angry and when he is Angry as well,The way that scene played out it felt like it was more about his anger than beauty's

            • Beauty was frustrated with Beast, Beast's eyes became red. Beauty became angry that Beast wasn't listening, Beast transformed.

            • I think you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I think most of what the others are saying is right.

              Besides, if Beast could become beastly because (triple alliteration, yowza!) of his own anger/frustration, then what part does Beauty have to play in keeping him good-looking/normal/under-control? It was the love of Beauty that transformed him from his beastly self into what he is now, and it's her growing anger/frustration/distance in that scene that begins to transform him.

              SPOILERS BELOW
              Another point: After he crashes into room 207 and sees the blood, he immediately is overwhelmed, shocked and stops fighting with Bigby. Instead, his attitude towards Bigby changes drastically and makes it look like he's looking to him for some kind of support from the shock of what he's seen. This sudden transformation should have changed him back into his human form immediately (the way Bigby does), but it doesn't. And that's because Beauty is still angry/afraid/frustrated, even more so now that they've broken down the door on her shift. And therefore, you see Beast still retains his horns and his red eyes.

  • Meh. I like what they were trying to do, but I think the execution was flawed. It really didn't feel all that exciting, especially compared to some of Telltale's more recent fight scenes like the Grendel fight in Episode 1 or Clementine dodging bandits in TWD S2E1, which I think really raised the bar in terms of making the fights more dynamic. I was a little hesitant about hitting Beast too much just because I figured they might pull something like in TWD Episode 2 when Lee is punching Andy. So I guess it still says something about Telltale's talent for getting players invested in the story that people take the time to consider that even in the middle of a fight. But all in all, as the final climactic encounter of the episode, it was kind of disappointing.

  • His change depends on how strained his relationship with Beauty is or isn't. It isn't just her being angry.

  • The fight was funny, but seemed too short. What I'm wondering is, who would win in a real fight?

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    Rather if both turned into there forms like massive wolf and beast be epic and fought but they didn't so real boring fight sequence might as well be fighting with handbags but grendel fight was epic

  • Telltale dropped the ball with this pillow fight.

  • I thought it was alright. Beast had every right to be angry and if you know his story, he has a short fuse. I love the character Bigby, very well written.

  • I just let him hit me, only react if leads to game over....

  • I though at first when i saw the preview, that Beast will push Bigby to turn into his wolf form. I guess i was disappointed.... The fight was still good, but the execution was flawed. Especially since i knew it was gonna happen when i saw Beauty at the desk. Anyway, we still have 3 episodes ahead of us. I'm sure we'll get more fights.

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