• Honestly, I can't get a read on Toad yet. Sometimes he's a little shady, but he does seem to really care for his son. That little hug at the end of the interrogation scene in the first episode was such an "awww" moment. And, seriously, TJ's big sad eyes and shy demeanor just pelt me with warm fuzzies every time he turns up. He's freakin' adorable. ( "It has a weevil." )

    I feel bad for them both to be in the situation that they're in. Especially when you think of Toad's backstory and how he used to live in a grand house. You can see a picture of what's presumably Toad Hall on the wall in his apartment.

    • Oh that's true, I wonder if we will get a backstory for some of the characters before coming to fable town, I mean they do a lot of referencing of past events and situations form before coming to fabletown so I hope we get some back story on the events. I mean Toad living in the dump he is in now is sad, hell there are a lot of sad things in this game and all in all the game makes you feel sorry for everyone EXCEPT Bigby, I mean I haven't really seen anything to really make me feel for Bigby yet, but his job is tough I will give him that, and he has done the most to the other fables in the past, I mean he completely maimed one fable.They also make it hard to hate a lot of the characters, Geogie for example, I mean he was a bit of a jerk but not enough to warrant me smashing his stuff and ruining his entire club, he was too amusing lol.It made me feel like more of the bad guy. Also a little off-topic, I really hope to see a depiction of Little Red Riding hood in this game, it would seem like she would be a huge part.

      • I don't feel sad for him. Just... I dunno. He's changed his way but everyone still treats him like he's the same old mean Big Bad Wolf. Nobody really seems to appreciate him until he helps them out, and even then they doubt his abilities. By that I mean the reaction Beauty gets when you connect all the evidence in the hotel room. That wasn't praise that was surprise.

  • I feel bad for Toad JR

    But Toad is just irritating plus he seems a kind of crap parent

  • I did at first bit toad makes it real hard for you too like him/feel sorry for him when he's such a cunt too his son/in general infact. But then again he can have his better moments... he's a difficult book too read.

  • I try to take it easy on Toad when I can.

    He can act a bit crooked, yelling at his kid along with the whole, "Dad borrows stuff from the people who live here!" comment. But like a lot of the characters, he seems like a decent guy caught up in a crap situation.

  • for T.J perhaps , but not for toad he keeps treating me as if I'm some kind of monster especially after I beat up Dee .

  • I think they would really be better off at the Farm, despite what Toad says.

    Junior wouldn't have to hide all the time, could run an play in the open without worrying about being seen, and make a lot of friends.

    If Toad keeps avoiding getting a glamour and I as a Sheriff have to decide wether I close my eyes and let him be at his place or send him to the Farm, I will definitely relocate them. It will be better both for Fabletown's interest and for Toad and Junior.

    • Doesn't major describe the farm as a prison? yeah sounds like a great place for jr.

        • Sorry not bloody major lol - i ment Collin - (sorry i was thinking of Animal farm at the time)

          • Oh, okay.

            Yes Colin and Toad have negative views of the Farm, doesn't mean it's actually a shitty place.
            They feel insulted to be told that they belong in the Farm because despite having animal appearances they are smart and very human-minded, while a lot (not all) of other animal-looking Fables are more animal-like in their tastes and way of thinking.
            That's why Colin protests in the approximate lines of "I don't belong with these animals !"

            But the Farm is still a nice place to live. In the Comics it has its shitty times now and then, but at this point in Fables timeline everything is fine as far as I remember.

            Colin and Toad disliking the Farm is a matter of pride rather than logical reasons. It would really be a nice environment to raise Junior. If only Toad swallowed his pride, he could see it would be the best solution as long as he can't afford glamours for him and his son.

            Besides, whatever their opinions about the place, there are rules for a good reason. Mundys can't find out about Fables. Some look human already and can move freely in the world and some must remain hidden or get glamous, this is perhaps unfair but one single Fable would be very selfish to put all others at risk just because he prefers the city.

      • I would have to agree with Virgil. Toad wasn't at the Farm. Bigby wants the best. And from the comics it looks like Bigby will eventually send Toad and Jr. to the Farm, and it will end quite well.

  • Toad and TJ are awesome, IMO. TJ is just a nice little kid, and even though his dad acts like a piece of shit sometimes, I think he's just trying to protect his son deep down. I wish they weren't involved in shit like this. Especially TJ, since he saw that body and all...

  • Toad obviously cares a lot for Toad Jr, but he acts like a dick sometimes. Like when Jr was telling about when he discovered the body and didn't stay underwater, Toad started yelling at him even though the kid was scared shitless

  • I do feel bad for Toad Jr. which I nick named "Little Slippy Toad." I didn't slap or give Toad any hard time instead I just called him out on all his lies. I mean the two are in a crappy situation and have a threat of death upon them. I'm not going to be a jerk and make things worse for them.

  • I wonder where is Mr.Toad's wife...

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