• I ripped his head off,took a shit down his neck and impaled him on that stripping pole.Oh,wait.That's what i WANTED to do.What i DID wasn't that cool.

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    InHarmsWay BANNED

    I punched him as much as you can before the option goes away, glassed him, pocketed his cash and did all kinds of horrible things. Don't get in trouble and you won't have to deal with my Bigby.

  • Well they don't call Bigby "The big bad wolf" for nothing do they? I stole Dee's money, smash the bottle on his head, burned him with the cigarette and knocked his teeth out. I thought it would add nicely, considering Bigby would probably do the same if he thought Snow died. And also, it's kind of hard to resist the urge to be an ass. Considering that in the comics Bigby doesn't rip people's arms and shuts down strip clubs.

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