feelings about "TWUA"?

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Just curious on how you all feel about the game. Do you think it's better than TWD? What don't you like about it and what do you love about it?


  • "TWAU" sorry I'm on my mobile.

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    I think they're both excellent games with great storytelling and dialog. Besides the look and atmosphere of these games, what I like most is the choices you can make. I used to read these books years ago called, "Goosebumps" and they had a series where you could make choices in the story sort of like TWD and TWUA, except by flipping to certain page numbers. It's just really enjoyable to play these games.

  • Hard to compare to TWD, especially before the story concludes; so far, I think both are great games that I'm enjoying quite a bit. If I could pick one to have the next chapter of right now, it would probably be TWD, so I guess that one gets a slight edge?

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