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Handwriting comparison (and more)

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As @Katalept has pointed out in other thread, Lawrence's handwriting looks a bit like handwriting on the post-it notes in the Snow White book. While I was checking this theory (which failed by the way), I've found something else, so I'm starting new thread.

First of all, the list of all handwriting in the game:

  1. Bigby's nametag on the apartment list in Woodlands.

    Damn it, I forgot about this one, added it after re-reading this post before starting the thead.
  2. "Bluebeard" and "P. Pennyworth" files on Bigby's desk in his apartment.
  3. "Use this" on the perfume bottle
  4. Appointment Book in "Pudding and Pie"
  5. "For my arrival" on the cassette

    I think this four aren't handwriting at all, they all look like handwriting font. Moving on:
  6. Post-it notes in the book in room 207.
  7. Faith's note on the fridge in Lawrence's apartment.
  8. Lawrence's note on the bed.
  9. Faith's letter in donkey coat, although we don't get to see it and that's a shame.

    UPDATE: 10. Lily's note to Faith.
  10. Nametags on lockers in the Pudding and Pie.

Simple things first. Faith's and Lawrence's notes aren't written by the same person:

Alt text

Bigby didn't write tags for the files on his desk himself:

Alt text

Now onto some interesting stuff, Lawrence and post-it note comparison:

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Verdict: not the same handwriting. Some letters look the same, but I think this has simple explanation: one person wrote most of the handwriting for the game (I mean in real world), and while he/she tried to make all writings unique, some letters still look similar.

Faith and post-it-note comparison, just for the record:

Alt text

Not the same font.

Aaand... Crane and "Crane" comparison:

Alt text

Well, this looks odd. Why do notes in the book and notes on the items look so different? At first I thought it was a gigantic clue, but reviewing following information I'm not so sure: here's "handwriting" from the appointment book and Bigby's files:

Alt text

Is this a clue or a continuity error? What do you guys think?

Bonus screenshots:

Alt text

Alt text

No blood on the player like it was placed on top of it?

Alt text

Beauty told us she heard music, so why is the cassette not in the player?

Some handprints on the bed

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text


Lily's note. Not the same handwriting as in the Appointment book, mind you.

Alt text

Nametags. Same handwriting (font) as in the book, on the perfume bottle, and on file labels on Bigby's desk.

Alt text

  • L's are different for Laurence's letter. I think that's mostly coincidence. The Cassette player DOES have blood on it, it can be seen just right of bottom centre, 2 splashes. No idea why the cassette was removed. And as for the handprints, probably cranes, but potential for more. They all look the same size though.

  • Nice work here, and good to see some hypotheses being eliminated.

    What do you think about this idea? We can't forget that the crime scene was changed between the time Bigby saw Lawrence in the mirror and when he and Snow got to the apartment.

  • I noticed several mistakes in the comparisons. Comparing print with cursive, the F has one similarity that would never change with type of writing, while everything else would.

    • I'm sorry, I am not sure I understand you.

      Are you saying there is a similarity between handwriting on the bottle and handwriting in the Snow White book?
      I personally think they are different in every aspect possible, but I have no professional knowledge in handwriting identification.

  • Well, this looks odd. Why do notes in the book and notes on the items look so different? At first I thought it was a gigantic clue, but reviewing following information I'm not so sure: here's "handwriting" from the appointment book and Bigby's files:
    Alt text

    It looks like the same person wrote on the perfume bottle, the cassette tape, and in several entries in the ledger. But I don't think it was Crane who did it.

    EDIT: I originally wrote something here about it being Lily who did it because the handwriting here matched the handwriting on the nametag of her cubby. Upon further investigation, I no longer think this is the case. The handwriting on the perfume, cassette, and parts of the ledger is the same as the handwriting on the nametags of both Lily's and Faith's cubbies. And the only person who would have possibly written both of those is Georgie.

    What I still don't get why he would only have written some of the entries in the ledger. He's the owner of the club. Shouldn't he be the only one writing stuff down in there? But the entries for "niles - madame x" and"ginger - f. roger" are written in a completely different style So who wrote those in? And why is the last entry, for "Nerissa - Mr. Knight" written in yet another handwriting style? Just who are the other people with access to the ledger?

    • Oh wow, I forgot about the note Lily left for Faith, thanks for pointing that out. Here is better quality screenshot.

      Alt text

      Yep, it is different from everything else we've seen.

      And the nametags.

      Alt text

      That's clearly the same handwriting (or should i say "font") as on the bottle and entries in the Appointments book.

    • The cubbies' l is also the same l in Bigby's nametag.

  • You might add that the tape player is the same in every room (if you go in 204 anyway, there's a tape player on the table, probably just like every other room), so I think that it was moved and the table was used to place the camera, so that's why there's no blood on it.

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