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Do you think telltale are gonna make all there eps only 90 Mins and not two hours

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it happend again recently with twau ep 2

  • I hope not, Ep2 needs to do a lot more of character development that was missing from Ep1, they need to flesh out the group more. Besides, a longer episode is always appreciated. We shall find out SOON.

  • As long as its good and enjoyable I dont mind. What it does need is a solid conclusion/ending which the last episode didnt have

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    Deceptio BANNED

    I think it will be longer, I mean they've been working on it for a while. But either way, quality over quantity.

  • Episode 1 was more of a starter episode, episode 2 will have a mot more story (I think) and has a lot to play for so I'm expecting it to be a larger episode, like episodes 3 and 4 from season 1

    • To go along with what I said earlier, while I still think you shouldn't expect the episode to last more than an hour and a half (saves disappointment), I think the fact that it's the second episode and Clem has more people to talk to could extend it. Depends on whether they give you a chance to go around talking to people really, or if you're placed into conversations like in The Wolf Among Us (which would likely cut the length down if they just place you in conversations). After all, Clem was on her own for a good chunk of the first episode.

      But yeah, I think the main thing is quality over quantity. That the story/episode's the length it needs to be.

  • They probably think they can get away with it, so I guess that they will.

  • Hopefully. Don't make the ep's story too long if it doesn't need to be, but at least give more break moments to explore and talk like in S1 eps. That way it won't feel like they're extending the story just to satisfy us but ruin pacing, just add padding that we can skip or explore to make it longer than an hour and a half for players who like exploring and talking to characters

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      Mrwalto69 BANNED

      What did you think of Episode 4 from Season 1's duration?
      A lot of people thought it was way too long but it did have a lot of clues and exploring to uncover. I think the best duration was probably Episode 3. For me, it went for around an hour and 45 minutes but it didn't get boring because telltale did a great job at keeping it interesting. The best was when you had to start the train, that was a fun scene :)

  • That's starting to really concern me , I played 2 episodes of TWAU and the first episode of TWD2 and each took me about 90 mins unlike episodes of TWD1 which most (besides ep5) were about 2 hours length .

    • TWAU episode 1 took me about two hours but only because I was anal with everything, episode 2 took me barely an hour and a half but that episode I feel has a good excuse due to obviously going through a ton of rewrites.

      TWD season 2's premiere I feel felt so short because there was way less filler in it. Much as I may like Season 1, playing it a second time was so goddamn tedious since there's quite a lot of "rub things onto other things to advance the story" that really got on my nerves.

  • They better make it over two hours >.>

  • episode 1 was pretty short,i hope not.

  • This is probably going to sound like an idiot's response, but I can assure you it's not. Anyway, I think they'll make each episode the length it needs to be to tell the story they want to tell. No more, no less.

    It's a common saying when it comes to storytelling. I know, these are games, not books/stories. But as they have a heavy emphasis on story and I look at them as being interactive movies, I think it stands.

    I'm guessing it won't be less than an hour and a half anyway. If you think back to The Walking Dead, the pace was slowed down a fair bit because of the wandering around (the puzzles were easy too, though the dialogs were welcome).

    In any case, I do apologise if it seems like an idiot's response, but that always my own response when asked how long something of mine is going to be, story wise, unless I have a firm idea. So, best to bank on an hour and a half, not any more. If it's longer? Then hey, it's a bonus, right?

    • I agree with you. A good chunk of the episodes last season had parts where the story would grind to a halt for half an hour so you could wander around and solve puzzles, I only enjoyed those parts because they give you a chance to talk with characters individually and learn their backstory and not because I liked tedious puzzle solving so I could get back to the awesome story.

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