OT People who claim to " Know people in the industry "

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Ever read online that someone says they know a guy who works for Telltale, Universal, Lionsgate etc and claim to have knowledge of whatever project is coming up?

The story's always start with " I have a friend who works for ....... and he told me that "

Just once i would like to read one that starts with " So I ninja'd my way into ...... "


  • I had a friend who said his Uncle works for TTG's and He said that his Uncle told him that they were stopping The Walking Dead series and that all their tweets were just Cover-Ups. But I called Bullshit on that.

  • I'm not sure you made the right call, the story has some merit. I think it might be legit?

  • Maybe your subcounscious is creating this made up lie after reading some coded messages on the internet that you couldn't counsciously undrstand but your brain decoded them and it's making you have this dreams and ideas about the cancelation of the walking dead game and all the cover trying to tell you the truth.

    Trust me I'm a psychology student ;)

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    There's a member here (you know who you are) that said they had insider info from telltale. According to his sources TWAU episode 2 was suppose to release on Feb 24th (a lie), and TWD episode 2 was suppose to come a week before or after (also a lie). He also bragged about nailing the February release, even though he was 3 weeks late.

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    they can't stop walking dead season 2 no matter how much they wanted. People paid for season passes and in order for that to work - EVERYBODY has to recieve a refund and it'll make telltale look horrible.

    People who say "i have a friend/know somebody who works for" is immediately a liar - since i don't think employes would ever spoil anything. And plus, little few people actually know telltale's plans. Not even the voice actors know what's up.

    but even if your friend actually knew somebody who worked for ttg, I doubt his 'uncle,friend,etc' would tell him, or anybody. Since, it can clearly cost him his job, and I'm pretty sure he has a contract or something which he could get sued for revealing any information.

  • It was that one guy with an indian name lol

  • I completely agree. Thanks for the reassuring words. :D

  • Sometimes these kinds of sources really are correct. Information leaks happen all the time. When you get some kind of insider information, it's hard to keep it to yourself. It is very tempting to want to blab.

  • I'll just save you the trouble and say I have the VP of Spike TV on my phone along with a few other nifty people.

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