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How do you change user name?

posted by Funkboy on - last edited - Viewed by 16.4K users
I ment to sign up as funkboy as in the type of music + the word boy and I got funboy. Please help
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  • I'd also like to change my user-name to "Jon N/A"
    if it's not possible to use a slash in a username, then chnage it to "Jon N\A". again if not possible, change to "Jon N-A"
    Again, if not possible ( :) sorry ... this is the last one) then please change it to "Jon NA."
  • My username is a type error, it should be II ARROWS

    Thank you.
  • please change my name to coolguy721
  • Alright, I've emailed Telltale support last week, but I'm still waiting for a response, so I'm trying my luck here! :)

    Here's my e-mail:
    I've still got a little problem... I wanted to use the username from the new account (Geewrecks) on the old one, but I can't, since the messages I posted with the new account in the Help section still exist, so the name seems to still be in the database. I used another username for the moment (G-rex), is there a way to get the first name again?


    BTW, contacting Telltale to delete the new account went pretty smoothly. ^^
  • I sent an e-mail to support today as well, since the Jurassic Park insider forum thread seems to be sucking away all attention from this thread.

    EDIT: And now Amy has changed my nick. That was fast. Thanks Amy. :)
  • Please can my username be changed to whte_rbt.obj? It's the command Nedry used in Jurassic Park, and I got it wrong like a big chump. :(
  • Could you change my username into CasuallyD ?
    Thanks in advance!
  • i emailed telltale twice and have not recieved a response on this. they still haven't changed my username
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