• Bigby and Beast are friends I believe, so beating him down would cause resentment from both him and Beauty. Which would lead to difficulties latter on in the case.

  • But why make a pivotal choice here? Why not for Gren and the Woodsman- I know they're not friends, but it was an abrupt shift when you have a choice not to beat the crap out of someone who wants to fight you, lol Why not make Tweedle... the one you can interrogate a pivotal choice?

    Well, you got a choice to give Faith your money, and we all know how lasting an impact that made... Somewhat...

  • Bigby literally would have told Beast the truth. It really doesn't matter much, you'll still fight Beast. Eventually he ends up realizing his mistake.

  • I'm guessing they're keeping track of when players choose to have Bigby act on his animal instincts as the "big bad wolf" and when they choose to have him be more of a reformed and civilized member of the community. It'll probably come up toward the end of the series, like how the guy in Episode 5 of The Walking Dead criticized Lee for his decisions throughout the game.

    Either that, or they just want to make players feel bad about hitting a guy who's already down like they did with Andy St. John. Although honestly, the two situations don't seem equivalent since I don't think most players wanted to hurt Beast in the first place.

  • Personally didn't know was choice i was in nine percent and didn't want to hit him at all knew it was my fault for getting myself in this situation and how it looked wouldn't blame him so kind of said to myself yes i deserve this and he doesn't deserve to be beat up.

  • I hit him. Enjoyed it, too.
    He deserved it, going all apeshit like that. If he was willing to listen to reason, then maybe I wouldn't have had teach him a lesson.
    Maybe I'm just an asshole. :v

    I'd go with the latter.

  • Huh, choosing whether to spare Gren's arm wasn't a major choice? I guess you're right. Odd. I feel like ripping someone's arm off should have a greater consequence than punching someone in the face. I guess we'll see.

  • Well... I try to make good choices cause the pig and the prostitute made Bigby think about his "status" - the Big Bad Wolf and all the Fables are scared of him.

    That's why I didn't rip that douche's arm off and that's why I didn't beat Beast. I try to not use violence and be less of a jerk - I feel like it's gonna have an impact on the future. coughsnowcough I really ship the two and am gonna be so fucking disappointed if TTG kills her AGAIN because SHIT MAN THEY GOTTA BE TOGETHER.

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