The Killer/ Crooked Man Theory

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If you haven't see it here is a link to the original ginger guy post - \

Now after reading this and playing episode 2, I have a different theory about who he really is. I think that crane definitely was paying lily to use the snow glamour, but i think he was framed to be the murderer because someone who is as smart as crane wouldn't just leave the photos there for bigby to find. I think the ginger guy is the crooked man using a glamour, because his tie is full of shepherds "crooks". The only other reason he would have crooks on his tie is if he is the boy who cried wolf, but in the tale of the boy who cried wolf his sheep were not eaten by the big bad wolf they were eaten by just a random wolf. So there would be no reason to hold a grudge against bigby. Even if he is not the crooked man i still think the crooked man has something to do with the murders because of what beauty said and the fact that the tweedles are investigating the murders is suspicious enough. So do you think that the ginger guy is the crooked man or not?


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