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Episode 1: Feedback

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I did the best that I could from reading the reviews on the game before playing it.

+ Humor: Still a pretty funny set of characters. Not quite as good as some of the first sbemail I've read but still holds up.

+ Locations: It is nice to have a bunch of areas to explore. I think the house had more places to go and explore than episode 1 of Sam & Max

+ Style: The visual style is in line with what is expected.

+ Extras: Having mini games and other little things to discover is nice

OK now for the bad part

- Difficulty: The game was a bit easy. I'm starting to wonder if telltale is capable of making a game with a difficulty level aimed at people who actually play adventure games.

- Gameplay: Not being able to do anything other than use an item or click on it really kills gameplay. For some reason it was really glaring in this game. I long for a return to a full throttle style interface where I can select different actions I want to perform on an object. Dialogue options weren't really to my liking. I would have liked something ala monkey island or mass effect.

- Graphical Glitch: It seems that there were some sporadic graphical glitches still in the game. I'm surprised these were still there considering that the game was already delayed.

- Empty: Some parts of the world felt empty. I wanted more stuff to click on. Think Bosco's

- Short: As always. I almost forgot to put this one down. I always want more

I have to agree on most of the scores I have seen: 7/10
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  • Oh Boy, and I can't figure out on how to complete the episode!!!!
  • I liked it loads, I do agree that more options for interacting with the environment in all modern adventure games would be nice, I've been adventure gaming since text parsing was the standard and have come to accept that it's not likely to return to what it once was (Peasant Quest being an excellent exception).

    The atmosphere of the game was very involving; from the cutesy tune at Marzipan's house to the familiar rap-aid provided by Coach Z on the See Dee player. The graphics, though occasionally glitchy, were friendly and easy on the eye - much like I'd expect from the main website. The script and vocal work were amazing, something that, funnily enough, reminded me of Full Throttle in terms of never tiring of hearing the same lines repreated over and over again whilst exploring (I am disheartened though that the 'kissy lips' option of Teen Girl Squad didn't have an "I'm not putting my lips on that" line)

    The game was easy, but so was Sam and Max upon it's return to the world. It's probably to introduce people who haven't played Monkey Island or Space Quest to the genre in a way that makes them feel 'in control' enough to continue consuming the franchise as it progresses into a more formidable foe.

    All in all I'd give the game a very strong 8/10, with hopes that it will follow the Sam and Max route of getting harder in terms of game content in future episodes.

    There is plenty of content available to keep fans of Strong Bad and Co. coming back for more games and with Telltale's unique understanding of the genre and it's fans I can't see the series diminishing as it evolves. Much of the Homestar Runner concept is based on early gaming, reading how much fun people have had playing "Snake Boxer 5" has put a big smile on my face. Fun is the key.

    So far it's the best 20 quid I've spent in ages (bar The Dark Knight) and I'll definitely be recommending it to both PC users and Wii users alike (as well as getting it on the Wii the second it becomes available in the UK)

    Hope this was/is of some help to someone.

  • Alucard;82165 said:

    - Difficulty: The game was a bit easy. I'm starting to wonder if telltale is capable of making a game with a difficulty level aimed at people who actually play adventure games.
    I agree that it was easy, but the thing with adventure games is that even if a puzzle was hard to figure out the first time, it'll be easy the next time because you already know what to do. So as far as replayability goes, I'm not sure difficulty is on the very top of their list of priorities in these games.

    Instead, I approached this game as well as the Sam and Max games by focusing on the humor rather than the difficulty and left very much entertained each time :)
  • I've made mention of my review in several other threads, but as a recap: I found the Homestar humor to be here, along with the plot and slightly difficult gameplay. However, I had some problems with the graphics engine being too sharp (there definitely needs to be some anti-aliasing options for games like these) and their shading technique being hit-or-miss, and occasionally glitchy, with the characters and objects in the game. I also wished for more interactivity and dialogue, but that can be forgiven due to storage limits and development time.
  • I heavily disagree with you, raptor.

    Puzzles and writing should be the backbone of every adventure game. In this way, Episode 1 is not quite the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but it does have a noticeable slump in its posture.

    Replay value is something that is made all too important. People are rating games by whether or not the game cuts off at some point.

    There is a reason I love adventure games. Replay value isn't one of them. I could care less. If the core experience is easy and I don't have to think at all to get to the next stage...I don't see why they bother making it interactive.
  • Alucard;82165 said:
    I long for a return to a full throttle style interface where I can select different actions I want to perform on an object.
    Yes! A Full Throttle fan! I totally agree that the skull tattoo interface should make a return in some game. Overall I thought the presentation of SBCG4AP was quite slick, and for the style humor it presented, the point-and-click UI was nice.

    But I'm still dreaming of a Telltale-made Full Throttle....

    Speaking of which, can I make a request for your next franchise, Telltale? :D :D
  • I agree with mor1-whatever in saying that yeah, it wasn't so challenging, but remember sam and max 101? That was incredibly easy, even more easy than Homestar Ruiner. But both, even though easy, were funny and fun all the same.

    Edit: ooh, also I am hoping A LOT that the third and fourth episodes (like sam and max) are harder. (Also, i'm hoping that Strong Badia the Free will be as good as the trailer)
  • DS_Kid;82198 said:
    (there definitely needs to be some anti-aliasing options for games like these)
    Then again you can always force anti-aliasing in your graphics card's control panel...

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    I was one of the people voicing my concern about the difficulty of Sam & Max Episode One back in the day. But I actually thought Homestar Ruiner was a well balanced title. I think my expectations for Sam & Max were based partially on the first Lucas Arts game which was part of a grand tradition of mind benders. This current Strong Bad game's first name is definitely FUN, last name, SILLY. I never once, while playing through the game, felt that things were going too easily, or that the game didn't give me enough to do at any given time.

    I also didn't have any issues with the graphics during play and I was playing at a high resolution. Everything looked crisp, clean, no noticeable clipping or shading glitches. So I'd really like to see some screencaps of what everyone is talking about.

    I must also say, the engine was smooth as butter. All that trial & error through Bone and S&M has paid off. Things were very clickable. And the actions in the race portion were integrated flawlessly. I like the speed, and the ease at which you interact. It's one area S&M has always faltered in (action elements)

    It was a lot of fun. Almost as much as Snake Boxer 3, hands down the best in the series no matter what Strong Bad says.
  • I don't think it is unreasonable to want puzzles that are of the same caliber as the classic lucasarts adventure games. I think if you fix the gameplay (interaction options) you will be able to come up with some better puzzles.
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