• The ribbons are the murder weapons, IMO. Some black market magic user has orchestrated things so that they have a group of people geised and at their entire mercy.

  • I think that there is more to learn from Georgie and his club because we see him again in episode 3 preview.And all the girls seem to be wearing the same ribbon around their neck and they all says that their lips are sealed.But the killer left the heads in front of the luxury apartments to be sure that Bigby and everyone else would find them.So I still believe that the killer has something against Bigby and maybe also Crane and Snow as they're the ones who rule Fabletown.Maybe the killer saw Bigby talking with Faith and thought that she was important to him so he killed her.And maybe he thought that Lilly was the real Snow and decided to kill her for the same reason.Or maybe Faith and Lilly knew something important about the killer so he killed them.

  • Oh also, Georgie had a ribbon on his hat or something I can't remember exactly. Did Clever Hans have a ribbon? He seemed to talk about things pretty easy, maybe it's just his nature of getting himself into trouble idk

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