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Wot 'no'game...!!

posted by hevasexy on - Viewed by 612 users

I've purchased 'The wolf within us from your website. Started download sat 15th, and an error occurred. I went to the purchase option to see whether the game was bought and accidentally bought another.There didnt seem to be a page where I can locate either that I'd had purchased it or why the download crashed. I started to download the second purchase and still it crashed with an error. The link associated with the error , came up as a blank page. Stuck with tow purchases , none of which work. Can I have refund for at least one of them and a solution to download the other. Thanks

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact/email our Support Staff at for further assistance with your purchase issue. If you have purchased The Wolf Among Us, you can find the download link to the installer on your My Games page. To get to your My Games page, please click on the downward facing arrow at the top right of this web page, and select My Games from the drop down menu. Once on your My Games page you will be able to click on the game that you purchased, and click on the Download button to begin downloading the game's installer.

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