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Who here thinks Rebecca is a b!tch?

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Is it just me or is Rebecca just a downright bitch? There's no use being so hostile just because you're a whore and got impregnated by a random guy. I hope she's the next casualty. I won't feel sorry for her.

  • She is, and it's a fucking shame. Telltale has always given some reason to like everybody, but Rebecca is just so fucking bitchy, there's nothing to like.

    At least Larry was trying to protect his daughter.

  • I think she'll be better in later episodes...

  • don't like to say that, but

    she will survive till the end, because she is hated by everyone

    • I thought Andrea in the TV series would, but my expectations were luckily false.

      • I wonder why everyone hates Andrea in the TV show. In the comic, she's awesome.

        • She's reallllllllllllyyyyyyyy annoying. Makes you want to commit suicide just from the sight of her face.

          This sums up why I hate that character

          • I agree with that last one. She takes a beating in the comic, what with getting her cheek sliced open, getting shot in the fucking forehead, yet she still troops on, and takes down everyone. Like one time, Rick was being threatened by a bunch of assholes, one of which had a sniper rifle, and then Andrea just shot the sniper in the face, then the dude talking to Rick. It was so badass.

          • Because she consistently makes the worst possible decisions and misses every real possibility. From the moment she was introduced.

            She threatens to shoot anyone else who wants to shoot her sister when she's already dead so that she won't come back as a zombie. Then waits until the last possible moment to do it herself.

            She tries to commit suicide in the CDC, which almost gets Dale killed since he is willing to stay to save her.

            She almost causes Beth to die by suicide and acts all 'I know better than you' about it.

            She was so gung ho to shoot without thinking first... that she almost killed Daryl with her rifle.

            She trusts the Governor.

            When she finds out things are suspicious with the Governor... she still trusts the Governor.

            When she has a chance to kill the Governor in his sleep, as Carol advised.... she doesn't.

            When she sees he's keeping people's heads, including the miltary pilot's head, which should give a clue that the Governor killed him for no reason, she still trusts the Governor.

            When she tries to set up a meeting between Rick and the Governor, and the Governor throws her out, then says 'we have some issues to discuss' when they get back to Woodbury.... she doesnt press on WHAT ISSUES.

            In fact, the only thing I find forgivable for her is siding with Shane, because frankly.... Shane was the one who would have made the better survival decisions compared to Rick. Shane would have met with the Governor, then shot him in the face. Yes, he was going crazy about Lori (and after killing Otis, he was just crazy in general), but lets face it - Lori was playing mind games on Shane AND Rick continually, and Shane did want to leave. And with Otis, the fat jerk who shot Carl in the first place, Shane tried to have Otis go on ahead with the medical equipment to save Carl. Otis refused to leave without Shane. So Shane did some quick math....

            Otis dies + Shane dies + Carl dies

            is worse than

            Otis dies + Shane lives + Carl lives.

            And Shane did at first try the option of:

            Otis lives + Carl lives + Shane dies,

            but Otis was all NO, WE HAVE TO DO:


            .... which was NOT going to happen.

            Soo.... yeah I went off on a tangent here but the point is still that siding with Shane was the only forgivable mistake that Andrea made - and even that turned out to be the wrong choice since Shane went bonkers.

        • ikr just sniping people all day xD

    • well look at what happened to Ben

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    himmatsj BANNED

    She ain't pretty, she old, she fat. She got a mouth of a ****.

    Ain't nothing to like about that woman!

    • Alt text

      I couldn't resist :p

    • She's ain't fat lol She's pregnant. And she's not old, because she is having her first baby... And she's not ugly. I don't know why people think she is a bitch. She scolded Nick when he almost killed you. She was looking out for her group because she was afraid of you becoming a walker. Then you piss her off and she just says "I knew you would be a problem." You literally said something that you shouldn't even had heard xD I still thought it was hilarious when I said it though.

      EDIT: Switched Rebecca from defending you to scolding Nick

    • You shouldn't judge looks, it may come back to bite you in the A** if you do.

  • Rebecca wasn't that much of a bitch as people think she is. She is just like Nick except she didn't apologize. She was just yelling at people because she though you were bit by a Walker. The thing that people think she is a bitch is when you say "Who's baby is it?" You are trying to get her pissed in the first place xD. Also, she defended you when Nick almost blew your head off ;)

  • I love the scene where you are given the option to blackmail her. I blackmailed her, told her to watch her mouth and felt really good about it. Unfortunately we'll have to bear with her at least till episode 3.

    • That only ensures that she'll try to retaliate later on.

      Me, I went with the "I'm a little girl" option. She has no idea that I know. In fact, given the nature of this, I'm not sure that I'll tell anyone, ever. Alvin is a complete beta pussy; if he doesn't believe the baby is his, what of it? He's not going to do anything. However, having whatever murderous rapist brigand believe that it's not the brigand's baby might get her killed outright, which is what I want.

      • I hope she tries to retaliate. I'm biding my time till I get the chance to salt lick her, or leave her to be eaten by walkers. One things for sure, she is bottom of my list when it comes to people to save, or even help. Or even give beef jerky to for that matter, and I fed Larry.

  • Total see you next Thursday.

  • I thought she was bad before. Then I played again last night.

    For the first time, I tried talking to her when they give you the option to appeal to anyone when Pete first brings up taking her arm off. Holy FUCK, what a bitch. I tried saying: "what if I was your daughter?" And she responded something along the lines of "you're not, if it were up to me, you'd be dead already, that shit won't work on me, blah blah blah." I know it was worse, I just can't remember it. I think that playthrough will be my "hold a grudge against Rebecca until the end" one.

  • The glimpse you get in the bathroom could be the hurt rose beneath the barrage of all those thorns that she displays during the rest of the episode.
    I want to trust Telltale to make her redeeming qualities rise to the surface soon enough, if there are any. If they don't, then oh well. Perhaps she can redeem herself through other means. Larry perhaps wasn't the most compassionate member of the group, but hey, he had charm coming out of his ass and quite frankly many still like him as a character.

    It's really dependant on what Telltale makes of the whole baby business. Has she cheated on Alvin on purpose? Then they'll probabky focus on making her as hatable as possible and then force us into a situation where refusing to help her is an apparent dick move, just like with Larry. Or was she perhaps raped by someone (like Carver, as one assumption reads)? In that case, we'll probably end up understanding her hostility and symphatizing with her. I look forward to finding out which is it.

    For now, her flaws make her interesting. I intend to remain friendly-ish with her to the very end, personally. I sure hope Telltale can meet our expectations on the decision difficulty.

    • Unfortunately, she's not unrealistic. I've met people like this. I can direct you to sites full of them. They're not fun to be around.

      It's Nick who's unrealistic. How the hell do you go for nearly two years in a zombie apocalypse without knowing basic firearm safety?

    • Like Larry, she is an extremely realistic and well written depiction of a terrible person.

      Larry had almost no redeeming qualities. An out and out paranoid self centered asshole. However he felt like a real person, much like Rebecca, and this caused me to hate him even more.

      • Hmm. True, I suppose.

        One could still argue that Larry functioned on an extreme Kenny engine, where all he cared about was Lilly, his family. Then again, he does actually seem to mention intentions of protecting Clementine from Lee at times, through thorny threats.

        I guess I just need to learn that not everyone has a key for their locked hearts.

      • Great point Qupoi. Every story (not just Telltale) seems to have a villain/annoying type who the fans root against just to make things interesting.

      • Larry's main reason for hating Lee was that he knew Lee was a murderer. He was protective of his daughter... and even protective of Clementine. Because he did not trust Lee. And maybe he was a bit racist, who knows? More likely it was just the fact that Lee was a murderer. If you knew someone was a murderer, would you be nervous about them being in close quarters with you, watching your back? (even though Lee was a good guy).

        Larry was still a jerk though - but a jerk with reasons. Albeit still a jerk. Rebecca doesnt even seem to have a good reason to hate Clementine - an 11 year old girl.

    • I'll jump at the chance for a dick move like that. I wouldn't even call it a dick move, I'd call it Karma. In a world with no laws, where you have to depend on the kindness of strangers to survive, it ain't a good idea to deliberately antagonize someone, especially if there's a chance you might need them. Clem sure as hell don't need Rebecca. She started this pissing contest, and my Clem is damn well gonna finish it. I didn't want any enemies, Clem don't need them, but she chose to be an enemy, and it's her who'll have to live or get eaten with the consequences.

  • Also if you stay silent when you wake up with the whole cabin group surrounding you, Rebecca tries to take the gun from Nick and that's when it fires.

    goddamn it rebecca nobody likes you

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