Faith really dead?

So, I just finished playing through chapter 2, and there was something I just couldn't get out of my head. In the beginning I chosse to tell Faith her ribbon was Beautiful, it said she would remember that. Why would it say that, if it has no relevance for the rest of the game? And thinking about how Lily was galmoured to look like Snow, I got really suspicious if Faith really is dead, or if it was someone else glamoured to look like her. Well I just wanted to know if I am overthinking this. What do you think ?


  • Faith was a relatively unknown Fable. There wouldn't be a reason for anyone to pretend to look like her. Plus it's just bad writing to do the same "twist" twice.

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    Yeah, it's weird how it says that she'll remember you told her that her ribbon was beautiful and then gets killed off from the game. It's either a continuity error or TellTale is planning on bringing Faith back somehow, like with the genie lamp or something.

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  • I have no faith in this theory

  • But doesn't the Genie have rules and things you can't wish for like raising the dead or controlling someone's freewill?

  • I don't know. TellTale can make it have any rules that they want it to have.

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    Its just like how in TWD you can tell someone something and it says they will remember that but they die minutes later. Its to make it less obvious they are gonna die because if it didn't say that you could be like "wait if the notification things aren't popping up this persons going to die!". It ruins the surprise factor and also in real life you would remember someone saying something before you die.

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    I love theories based around game mechanics and not around the story. :)

    On a serious note (along these lines), could Faith be the killer? What better way to keep the police off you but make them think you're dead?

  • Carley will remember that
    (5 seconds later)

    i rest my case.

  • this is done alot of times like telltale. Like example : in the walking dead s2 ep1 if you decide to vote on christa's baby name to be "omid" - it'll say "omid will remember that" and he dies like 1 minute l8ter lol

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    I don't have a concrete opinion on whether she's dead or not, but prior to the murder, she did say "Don't worry, I won't be doing this much longer." I can only guess that 1.) She knew someone was going to kill her. 2.) Maybe she somehow staged her death so her boss would think she was dead so she could stop hooking. Idk but I just thought it was strange when she said that, as if she knew something was going to happen.

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    Nah, Telltale always does that. It's just a red herring to throw you off.

  • Or she could have been doing something shady and expecting her pay off soon. That was my first thought. Could have been tied to whatever she stole fron the Tweedles' boss.

  • But they can't because they need to stay faithful to the comics since its based in the same continuity and in the comics i think the Genie has been freed anyway. Its also worth noting that in Fables Genie is pretty evil compared to his Disney counterpart.

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  • Yeah, this. You might want to spoiler tag that though, this is the TWAU forum, may be people here that haven't played TWD.

  • I think it's just because it dose that at all points, talking to anyone makes it say that they will remember that.
    Or maybe it means that she remembered it, as we still haven't found where faith died, and we still haven't found her body,
    If we ever do it could have something there e.g. Written something for bigby to find like a message leading to the killer on her arm or a wall.

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