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Getting sick of people defending the Telltale delays...

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I have been lurking on here for a while, never had anything of substance enough to register an account. After following the thread waiting on episode 2 release info, I am amazed at how people can continue to defend telltale and their blackout policy as far as info goes. As a customer, how they put together their product is not my problem. I purchased a season pass under the impression we would get timely releases. Like many others, this is the sole reason I purchased a season pass. The real issue I find is the complete lack of disclosure. I would be ok with the delays if they had some intern shill on twitter/FB giving real updates - "Sunday, Week 8- experiencing some unexpected shadow issues, and triple running betas to ensure you dont lose your save files like season one", etc...

People LOVED season one, and many people seem to be understanding to begin with, so I fail to see how alienating customers by essentially making the game seem like vaporware is a good business strategy. I am sure I will enjoy Season 2 if and when the rest comes out, but I already know they have lost significant sales from myself and friends. I don't follow The Wolf Among Us comic, and I was prepared to purchase that upon completion of season due to the quality of Walking Dead, and I was even more looking forward to their Game of Thrones adaptation, both of which I will be avoiding at all costs now. People can guilt me all they want and go on about how quality equals delays, but don't you dare act like you are doing me a favor by giving me the product that I paid for.

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    For some reason when I down vote someone they always get an up vote. Is that Automatic just so they dont feel like complete crap about their opinions?

  • I couldn't care less about delays. They happen, and if the choice is between a finished episode and a buggy piece of crap, I'll take the former any time. As the saying goes, a game is only late while its not yet released, but its a piece of crap forever.

    The non-communication is what kills it for me and the reason why I think I've pretty much bought my last season pass from Telltale. I don't mind a game being delayed but I do mind being given the silent treatment while its happening. It just strikes me as extremely rude to their fans to have an almost complete news blackout even as the weeks slip by and we drift over the period of time we were given to expect as a wait between episodes.

    I'll buy Game of Thrones when they finish Episode 5 of it. Not before.

  • What good does being angry do? Do you think its going to change anything because it hasnt yet.

    • 'Being angry' does nothing. Withholding money until they improve their treatment of their customers or at least explain themselves can do quite a lot, if people do it in sufficient numbers.

      And while such numbers don't exist on this board, I would be shocked if there aren't a multitude of people who bought season passes who are now second guessing whether they should do that in the future.

      • They'll be replaced by new fans who arent having these issues so I cant see how there would be enough people withholding their money to make a difference. I guess time will tell. If season 3 comes out, we'll see.

        • Yeah, nothing says 'sustainable business model' like ostracizing your current fans with the expectation that they'll all be replaced by a bunch of new fans who don't mind being fed s*** and kept in the dark.

          It'd probably be much easier for them if they just revamped their approach to PR, which right now is just plain stupid and self-defeating.

          • Not everyone feels ostrasized is what Im saying. They seem like they have enough fans that are reasonably happy and not ready to jump ship and will gain more. Maybe Im just being cynical but I never really believed that complaining on a message board, and worse calling the game makers names, does anything more than make the poster feel better. Im sure that Telltale tries to address the concerns of the angry fans but so far we havent seen any great changes in their procedures. I mean, people were complaining all the way back to the first episode of the first season. But I dont know, maybe enough people will get fed up that it will affect their numbers. I just dont think Ive seen anything like that yet.

            • Dudes season one took this long for ep2 you all got short memories. Totally agree update wise, it would be nice to know but it won't make the time go quicker and I got no problem with waiting for bugs to ironed out.
              I've said this before, but I'd rather wait for a game that works properly than have to break out the modding toolbox on release day like Bethesda do with their games, relying on the modding community to fix things because it was rushed out to meet a deadline.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    The OP does make some good points and we all appreciate it, But complaining is not gonna make Telltale realease episode every 2 weeks and all this threads are just getting Old already

  • Just do yourself a favor and wait for all the episodes to come out. When it comes to all Telltales future games, that's what I'm gonna do.

  • Telltale should just come up with a clearer, more detailed disclaimer for the Season Pass. Something like:

    "While we here at Telltale strive to deliver our game products as quickly as possible without compromising their quality, the episodic nature of our business model produces a degree of uncertainty in the timing of our releases. In the recent past, we have been able to release episodes in a season within 6-8 weeks of each other, with the period between the first and second episode of a season usually being the longest. We are constantly trying to refine our development schedule to meet and improve these benchmarks. However, there are times when we may require more time to polish an episode to meet the high standards we set for ourselves. In purchasing this Season Pass, we hope that you understand this mission of ours and we thank you for your patience in allowing us to provide the best possible gaming experience for our customers."

    • Nicely said. Still dont think it would make a difference. Maybe all these years on the internet is making me jaded but I bet you no matter how pretty their words are, they'd still get people posting angry rants about the delays.

      • They definitely would still post angry rants about delays. And if there weren't any delays, the angry rants would be about something else. I suspect that is why ttg employees don't seem to have as big a presence in these forums as they did 5-6 years ago. But still, having a disclaimer that better represents the company's release schedules in the past couple years could at least give ttg something to point people to when they start complaining.

  • You're right about the lack of information and it's not like I celebrate the delay, but is it really such a big deal? If it's 2 and a half months instead of 2 months, I don't think my life will be diminished in any way. I'm excited for the new episode and I do wish I could have it now, but if it takes a while, it takes a while. The 4 months for the second episode of TWAU would be something to complain about, but 2 months of waiting is not killing me yet. In fact, if the episode is good, I doubt I'll remember doing any waiting at all.

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    Deceptio BANNED

    I don't mind delays. And I was honestly expecting one since the holidays came right after S2 EP1 came out, AND they were also working on The Wolf Among Us. If a delay was to occur for TellTale to make sure that the episode if absolutely perfect and ready, that'd be fine with me. I'd rather have that instead of waiting a less amount of time for a game that isn't completely finished yet. Quality of quantity.

    But I agree with this post for the most part, since I also purchased the season pass.

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