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Button Mashing is ridiculously harder with a controller.

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I just decided to get into the Jurassic Park bandwagon and so far it's pretty decent but I got to this one button mashing part later in the first episode and it was outrageously harder with a controller. I decided to switch to mashing S and it only took a few hits to pass the QTE. Is the game this inconsistent with a Controller?

  • I have noticed this too, it's a glitch. I have found that if you press the button fast but in a rythemlike fashion it works on the controllers. I don't know why this happenes but it is pretty annoying. It doesn't happen all the time though becuase sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't If any one of the developers could shed light on the subject it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks for the reply but I already beat the game by just switching to S to button mash and playing the rest of the game with a controller. I will use this advice if I ever play the game again. I guess I was so use to just mashing the button as hard as I can from playing TWD I never really thought about mashing to certain rhythm. Thanks again.

  • Yeah it's kinda weird. It's really hard at the point where you have to pick up the girl while the Triceritops and T-Rex are about to crush you flat. I thought you just had to push it as fast as you can but I pushed it in a rythym and it just worked, Weird.

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