• The Tweedles are just hired goons. I doubt they have the capacity for outright murder, especially of a child. It's just an intimidation tactic.

  • Plus Choosing to let Toad JR go home or not

  • Nope,totally not Toad,cause he's in the comics.Well,in the backround,but still there.Dunno 'bout Jr.,though.Haven't seen him.I hope he's alright,his death would be such a pointless loss of SWAG :(

  • Nope..They're just too dumb to do that.I think their boss decides who do they kill and he'll not decide to kill Toad jr.

    • I don't know but in the preview for episode 3 you see Tweedledee pointing a shotgun at Bigby. So they're not as dumb as you think they are because Tweedledee had said before, "You're going to be in trouble when I get out of here!". So it's obviously revenge on Bigby. Who says he can't do the same but to Toad Jr. Instead?

      • How does tracking down someone, who everyone seems to know (And knows where he lives), and pointing a shotgun at him considered intelligent? Last time I checked, anyone could do that. I'm not saying that they couldn't do it to Toad Jr, but I really doubt it'll happen. As someone else mentioned, it's a scare tactic. They'd probably take out Toad, himself, before they took out his kid. They were just trying to intimidate Toad, to better their outcome. If they did kill TJ, that would probably throw a lot of unwanted attention their way, which probably, for the sake of their "investigation," wouldn't be too intelligent.

        It wouldn't make too much sense, if you asked me.

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