A theory on Mr. Toad *possible spoilers*

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Im starting to lean towards the possibility of mr. toad being the murderer for the following reasons, hear me out:

  • in ep.1 we see toad not glamoured and complaining about the price and quality. This is significant because we know the killer has history with using black market glamours on his victims and maybe himself.

  • when Bigby is questioning Toad jr., tj says he sees someone and mr, toad looks and sounds worried. Tj also hints that he knows more than he is saying but is scared.

  • Toad is an original character, so anything can be done with him that wont contradict the comics

P.S. this is my first post so apologies if I did anything wrong :)


  • You could be on to something. When bigby is questioning Jr, toad seems annoyed. Why would he not want to cooperate with finding someone who is killing fables? Second, where is Collin the pig? We see him once then bigby falls asleep and is never seen again. Also the badger in the fable book next to toad, who is he and will we see him?

  • Thought all the things you listed make sense, I still have a hard time believing a Frog would be the serial killer

  • The glamours are expensive because of the amount that are possible. Toad however is quite poor. If Toad would know about 'illegal' glamours he would use one.

    Toad Jr. said he heard someone, Toad is stunned. I think Jr. didn't want to be in trouble for not obeying his dad's rules. "I didn't want to be in trouble".

    Either Toad or Toad Jr. are seen in the comics fighting against wooden soldiers.

  • Yeah, I agree with LukaszB. You present an interesting theory but I'm inclined to think TJ's actions have to do with getting in big trouble with Toad.

  • I see what you're saying but on the matter of the last point, my point is even if that is toad, is that he isn't a followed character and a lot of things can be done with him without screwing up any continuity. The other two are open to interpretation :)

  • I see what you're saying. It's just hard to use "meta-knowledge" to justify a theory, in my opinion. Here is another example:


    While theorizing in such a way is fun and clever. I just don't find it convincing. Entertaining, just not convincing.

  • True. but like you said. theorizing sure is fun haha.

  • mr. toad is not original material. He is from "The Wind in the Willows"

  • None of the characters are original, I meant he never appears (possibly once) in the fables comic books

  • He does appear. Thus making your theory wrong, sorry man.

  • I already said this once "He or his son definitely appear". The most likely one to fight is however Toad.

  • While we're on the Toad subject. I'm wondering has anyone ever 'comforted' TJ successfully while Bigby is questioning him in ep2?
    Even if I play the good guy through the story he's still scared when you reach out to comfort him, so I'm just curious..

  • I went full paragon mode on one playthrough and he reacted the same. I think no matter what, TJ is afraid of the big bad wolf

  • I think it has more to do with what Toad said. "Do you want a Big Bad Wolf to take you away".

  • I agree, just trying to think outside the box a little. More than likely its more true that he's afraid of Bigby, but I was wondering if anyone thought the same about Toad and that maybe telltale was planting a seed, apparently not haha :)

  • I still have a hard time believing a Toad could have a bug collection. You know a frog or toad would eat them shits.

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