• Despite the glamor being "flawed" it was still pretty darn good. Don't forget that the troll was also wearing a matching perfume. Plus "losing" Snow was probably screwing with Bigby's head, and the dude is already running on no sleep.

    ...or maybe TTG just screwed up. ;)

    • Great explanation, that could very well be the cause for messing with Bigby or could someone (the killer) have been using a powerful magic to block Bigby's powers temporarily but then how would they know of them? Haha yes or just to add dramatic effect I guess.

  • Bigby's nose has been somewhat depowered in TWAU for plot purposes. Otherwise, not only would he have known that Snow was alive, he would have known who the killer was from the smell of the blood trail at the Woodlands when Faith's head was left.

    • Makes sense. After all in the comics it is shown just how powerful Bigby is, in every sense --the fight with his brothers, to name one. He should have been able to smell the culprit on the cigarette left in the room at the hotel, too: he only discovers the brand, though, and he wasn't even that messed up because he already knew that Snow was alive. So, I agree with Kaihu: Bigby is depowered.

      • @NotAmused94 yes I was also thinking the same about the cigarette. Maybe this whole "My lips are sealed, Discretion is our guarantee, It's the way things work here" thing is part of some powerful magic to block out people or fables like Bigby from finding out what's going on. I've also noticed the prostitutes were wearing the same ribbon as Faith had except when you examine Lily's body there isn't one. So I don't know but something is going on in Fabletown and it makes me want to solve this case even more.

        • Magic? Hmm, I don't know. Wouldn't the witches know about it? Why would they keep it a secret, then? I mean, I'm trying to imagine a Frau Toterkinder enjoying a show at the club and thus not wanting it to be closed down but... it's not really working. I don't know if I should laugh or cringe...

          But, let's be serious for a moment. The fact that magic is somehow involved has been already hinted many times, about the beheadings and the black market glamours, so it could be a possibility? I think however that the ribbon around Lily's neck was one of the few things that the back-alley glamour got right. Or maybe it just slipped off after the beheading, when the body was thrown into the river.
          The fact that the phrase "these lips are sealed" is quoted by the mirror though got me thinking. It also says that it is not his choice of phrasing, but simply the way it has to be. So sure, that phrase is a key element. Things get more and more complicated.

          • "These lips are sealed" maybe they mean the lips on the ribbons are probably sealed with some sort of magic? Yeah It could have fallen off. That's another thing the mirror couldn't even show Bigby either. Haha yeah it's just weird with all of what's going on I don't know hopefully we get some more clues when EP3 comes out.

    • Yes makes sense for story purposes or since it's a prequel maybe Bigby's powers haven't reached full potential yet? I Like what Prince_Charming said Lily was wearing Snow's perfume but she had her own bottle and she was glamoured to look like her, it may have been black market magic but it could have had Snow's scent as well. Maybe I'm just looking too much into this it could have just been an honest mistake by TTG but nonetheless the story so far is very good can't wait until all episodes are out so we can finally unravel this mystery.

  • Its either the perfume or someone in the crime scene (cop)
    that did something to big b that he blank out till he's in an interrogation room...

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