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Top 3 Reasons Why Killing Clem is a Stupid idea

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I remember back when ep 2 was released. My cousin will always tell me, how Clem has to be the best kid in a video game. I didn't believe him kids in video games is either whining, annoying, or a brat. So I finally downloaded the season pass, after my cousin keeping bugging me to see this Clementine. And man was he right, as soon as Clem start helping Lee push the desk I felt them feels...dat music :(. So now that season 2 is out. People start predicting that Clem will die at the end, and here's my top 3 reasons why thats a stupid idea.

1.It will make Season 1 pointless-The main point of s1 is Lee teaching this little girl how to survive, while keeping her humanity during the zombie apocalypse. Killing her in s2 will make all our choices pointless all them restarts,should it kill him?, and teaching her to shoot. Just to let her die in the second game.

2.Cheap Shock Value-Telltales knows they have us my the neck. Killing Clem will no doubt be a tear jerker and a Oh Shit ending. I knowTWD "no one is safe" I don't aspect Clem to come out of s2 without scars. But killing 2 of your protagonists in a round is a little 2 predictable, and a cheap why to try to top s1 ending.

3.To Predictable-Like I said in reason 2 people who watch ,read, or play TWD. Knows how sometimes zombie lore is so predictable. The comics and the TV show are a great example "I bet he/she dies" and man was I right. We seen this thousands of times the main character, or most cared about character dies just to keep the people watching or reading. Piz Telltale be original

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