• I think one TT's goal was for us to suspect Bigby one way or another. Sure, if we think about it, it does seem pretty convenient that Bigby was asleep during the time was Faith was murdered, but that doesn't make him the killer. I'm more inclined to believe he will at some point be framed.

  • Just refinished ep 2 and I think they might be laying the groundwork to Shyamalan us (it was you all along!). The memory spell at the start of ep 2, coupled with the fact that Bigby's memory has been tampered with hinted in episode 1 (Chinese food that he can't remember ordering in his apartment) and the "Huff and Puff" at the murder scene all seem to be paving the way for some large reveal.

    I hope it's not Bigby the killer, for what it's worth.

  • That would be to similar too Heavy Rain.Heavy Rains gameplay is also kinda similar to TWAU

  • Like someone said above, I think it's more likely the killer is trying to frame Bigby and turn the community against him. It'd fit with the theme of the game; there's been a lot of emphasis on the tenuousness of Bigby's standing in Fabletown.

  • It's pretty much impossible for Bigby to be the killer....

  • Definitely, 100% not Bigby. Without even going into stuff from the comics, he was at the Trip Trap with several witnesses when Lily's head was placed at the Woodlands. And he was in police custody at the time that Lily's body was seen being dumped into the river. He doesn't have access to anything resembling the murder weapon. Yes, I know he has claws, but claws don't leave that clean of a cut. Bigby doesn't lose control or forget what happened when he transforms into his wolf form. He has no motive. He had only ever talked to Faith for a couple of minutes before she was killed, and he didn't know Lily at all. In other words, no means, no motive, and no opportunity.

    Now someone trying to pin the murder on Bigby--that's a distinct possibility. But there's no way Bigby is the actual killer.

  • I agree with the theory that someone is trying to incriminate Bigby. At the end of the first episode, during the anticipations (is this even right? I don't know how to call them), someone says "Friend on friend, at the end of the end", showing Bigby fighting with Beast. That sounds like a hint, to me.

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    Someone has been trying to fuck things up for Bigby and Crane and has put them against one another, The name that makes the most sense is Bluebeard but I don't think he is the killer, I think the killer is also trying to make it seen like Bluebeard is involved which is why in the screen for episode 4 Bigby is pointing his finger At him

  • Given the fact that the game seems to stay true to the comics,it's highly unlikely for Bigby to be the killer.And besides, he has no motive.But I think that the killer will try to frame him for the murders in the future episodes.

  • Maybe Tweedle Dee and Dum's boss is the killer.

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