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The Living Dead

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As a fan of the comics and a general hater of the TV show, I decided to try out writing my own adaption of the Walking Dead, with a few differences.

  1. New characters- alongside the general characters featured in the comics, I will also try to write in some additional characters from Walking Dead lore, including Lee and Clementine from the video game.

  2. More realistic script- The TV show features so much overrated dialogue, so I will try to write a script that sounds and feels like something someone would say in the present situation. If I have to, I would even let the actors ad-lib some of their scenes.

  3. Realistic survival situation- in both the comics and the TV show, the characters always seem to have access to guns and ammo and are able to shoot any walker they come across. The only problem is that a) in a zombie apocalypse, guns and ammo would probably be the first to go, and b) the usage of guns kind of disses the whole "don't make load noise" rule present in the whole series. For my adaption, guns would be incredibly rare, making the survivors focus more on melee or other ranged options. And if guns are used, then they will either have supressors or shot rarely.

  4. Movie References- I'm pretty sure given the general popularity of zombie flicks, people will at least be familiar with some of the movies in the apocalypse. So in the script I will include spoken references from various movies, such as movie rules, cliches, and lines. (Zombieland rules will probably be shown).

  5. Fast Zombies- while the slow zombies featured in the comics and show are intimidating, I personally think the fast zombies are more realistic and more frightening. I will still keep some qualities of the Walking Dead zombies, such as destroying the brain, great hearing, sense of smell, and how you don't need a bite to turn.

So what do you guys think of these adaption? Should I add some things to make it better, or should I remove something? Please let me know in the comments below.

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