Taking Pudding & Pie in a literal sense

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I was going to wait until way later to post this topic, although I figured, eh, what the hell, might as well post this to see how the community comments on this. Basically, all of us pretty much know about the rhyme of Georgie Porgie, so I won't go into much discussion about that. But, what if you were to take it in a literal sense, meaning that there is actually a pudding and pie for you to eat? Which brings me to my following questions listed in the bullets below:

  • Which Fable(s) would you share your pudding and pie with, and would you compete in some sort of eating contest with them?
  • What flavor would you like your pudding, and what type of pie? (could be any type of pudding and/or pie from any nationality, it's your decision!)
  • Which area or place in New York would you eat your pudding and pie at? Do you think that if you were to challenge a fable in a eating contest, that you would eat more, or less portions than them? Realistically?

That's all the questions I got for this topic for now, you can answer all of them, or some, it is your choice after all! Plus, if you are a person that finds comfort in eating pudding and/or pie, then this may be the thread for you!

Oh, one more thing: if you don't like pudding, to go along with your pie, feel free to add in a yogurt substitute instead!


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