• I dont think its forged. When you where examining Lily, crane was worried about diseases and such as if he had done something with her. I think a more likely scenario is Crane thought he was with the real Snow at the time and then someone who was hiding snapped the photo. We can probably chalk up the black line to Telltale's art style. Though there could be another reason for the line. We may or may not find out til episode 3

    • It makes sense. He was very nervous during the examination of the body, right? Making all kinds of nasty comments about trolls. And how did he knew that the crafted object with Snow's hair and picture was black market magic? He wasn't there when they mentioned it. He could have realised it by himself, true, but I don't know... that explanation just feels too simple.
      I still think that the picture is strange, anyway. Those lines are very noticeable, they aren't simply part of the artistic style of the game. They're too invasive: as an artist myself I would have never put such things on a key object without a proper reason. Maybe we will never find out and this is truly just Telltale style but again, I don't know... it draws the attention too much. Or maybe it's just me.

  • In the comics Crane mentions that he was deputy mayor for nearly 115 years. In the game's Book of Fables Crane is said to have been deputy mayor for nearly 115 years prior to the game. This is obviously what was going on around the time Crane got fired.

    • Is it possible he got fired for sexual harassment with Snow because of this picture? (No i havent read the comics... Yet)

      • It sure looks that way.

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