• Ok...So I don't think that the killer is not Toaf.There are several reasons that Toad isn't the killer and there's not enough evidence that he's not the killer.He was injured by Dee and Dum.He was like a victim.And Toad jr. said tgat he didn't recognice that guy's voice whovtrew Lilly in the water

    And about Colin:Thrre are some reasons that he could be the killer.Maybe he wants revenge tooo,but not that kind of revenge.It's just a house,not his wife or someyhing I have to think more about Colin and maybe I'll give your topic another reply.

    • Yep, there is no evidence, maybe Toad jr. didn't know Colin's voice or didn't want to tell Bigby, that he recognized voice. But Colin is connected anyway ( because of the achievement). But the main point of my topic was, that somebody may kill people close to Bigby, not prostitutes.

  • I partly agree with your theory. We have similar thoughts on suspects, especially the fact that Toad and Woodsman were the only people who saw Bigby and Faith together. Of course, I am also bearing in mind an option that someone might just have been spying on them using Magic Mirror, but that solution in scenario would be pathetic. xD Since I played 1st epizode I've started to suspect characters we haven't seen in human/glamoured form. I think that's quite obvious. In addition, I think that character who at first seemed to have no motivation to commit the crime and also most innocent will be the culprit. That's why I try to keep an eye on them.

  • It can't be Collin because he is in the comics and he is a good character.I have to say that I started suspecting Mr.Toad in episode 2 partly because he was looking at something in the mirror and started to panic when he saw Bigby.But even if he isn't the killer I think that he's hiding something from us.I also believe that the killer has something against Bigby and possibly Snow and Crane too.He might have tried to kill Snow in order to frame Crane.Also,doesn't the fact that the killer said "stop laughing at me" mean that he wasn't acting alone ? Maybe there are several persons involved in the murders.People who are tired of the way Fabletown is being ruled and they decided to unite in secret and seek revenge ?

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