• I think that TellTale would try to tie up any loose ends, especially with Pete, so I think that he's not going to make it past Episode 3. But, the trailers can be incredibly misleading (if you've played The Wolf Among Us Ep1&2 you should understand) so it's still wide open

  • He might appear later in episode 2 either dead,alive, or hurt

  • I'm keeping in the idea that Nick is an important charatcher that if he dies it is in the end of the season, that's why he lives in this choice either way ;)

  • Well, he fled back in the direction of the cabin, so I'd guess he made it. In regards to him not being seen with the group in the preview for episode 2, if you remember he was missing in a few shots during the episode 1 trailer. I remember the shot of Pete and Clem finding the bodies at the river was missing Nick, probably to make us think the earlier shot of the back of his head was Kenny. Since neither Pete or Nick are seen in the AHD previews, Telltale is probably trying not to spoil their respective fates. They don't want us to know whether the amputation was successful or if Nick and Clem made it back safely.

  • If you dident save nick, he joins carver. Called it now :3

  • Still, there is the possible alternative that in Episode 2, on the way back to the cabin after getting Pete a pegleg, you'll come across Nick's corpse, much to Pete's sorrowful sigh.

    I don't want Nick to die quite yet however. I want my choice of saving Pete actually matter. They're both great characters, I'd like to see their unresolved uncle-nephew "story arc" completed before Nick dies. That said, all I really need is Pegleg Pete. Pleeease Telltale, let amputation work this once!

    It would also be a pleasant surprise from Telltale if the one you choose lives much deeper into the season this time around. Maybe all the way to the final episode? Mmm? Yeah... Wishful thinking.


  • I don't think Nick is dead just yet, even if you go with Pete (like I did). He escapes no matter what, and that says, to me, that he'll be playing more of a role than just choosing Character A or Character B (like Carley and Doug last Season). If it was just a simple matter of wanting Pete to live or Nick to live, I think Nick would have died if you went with Pete instead of escaping in both scenarios.

    • THANK YOU!! Someone else sharing the same oppinion as me :P

      I think he'll have a major role at some point in the game other wise I guess he would have just died... And I don't think Telltale would make him run if you go with Pete just for him appear latter dead in the woods...

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