who would you save either christa or christas baby?

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hard decision?


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    If Christa asked me to save the baby, I would save the baby. I wouldn't want Christa to live with that pain. A mother losing her baby could possibly be the worst thing that could happen emotionally for her. I mean, look at Katjaa and Duck.

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    I would save Christa. I know maybe some people won´t like this decision, but it´s the more logical thing to do in a zombie apocolypse. Christa may hate me for doing it afterwards, but Clem´s changes to survive are much higher if she save´s Christa instead of the baby.

  • Yes, hard decision, Christa has obviously more chance of survival. but have we became so bitter that even in an appocalyptic world that we don't even try to give a baby a chance to live?

    I would problably save Christa because even if I consider myself a person that believes in stuff and has hope I'm also the kind of guy that makes the bitter decisions and so I know that it would be hard for the baby to survive only with Clementine even if she is awesome

  • Both, don't ask me how.

    But seriously, though, I don't know. Maybe Christa. But she would likely hate us even more after that :(

  • Well i honestly don´t think we will ever have to make this decision. Since Christas baby is obviously dead already and Christa...who know´s...

    But maybe we will have to make the same decision With Rebecca and her baby.

  • Christa, because we know and love Christa. You can make more babies.

  • In a real life situation, I'd save the baby.

    In the game, I'd save Christa.

  • I'd save Christa. I'm sorry but being alone with a baby in a zombie apocalypse is practically a death sentence.

  • If its just Christa and the baby then have to go with Christa. Clem cant look after the bay on her own

  • Id save Christa...

  • If I were Clem? Christa, for obvious selfish reasons.

  • christa. I hate kids and they are useless in a ZA anyway.

  • Save the baby. You gotta protect the kids, been operating like that since before I had Lee save Duck over Shawn.

  • Lol, wait till you have one of your own...

    christa. I hate kids and they are useless in a ZA anyway.

  • Damn, that's cold.

    christa. I hate kids and they are useless in a ZA anyway.

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