• I agree with you. But everyone will just say "it's the zombie apocalypse, what did you expect?" or "Badass Clem is the best Clem"

  • I think Telltale is going to force some of these decisions to change Clem for the worst. She isn't safe in this world.

  • I din't choose the baby option. Nobody in the group trusts her and it will make things only worse. Also, yes it is a tough world but making Clementine blackmail people isn't going to help. I don't want her to become like Lilly or worse, like Nate.

    • I get what you're saying I know it probably wasn't the best choice. But if you think about it whats rebecca going to do say "she's threatening to tell one of my deepest secrets to my husband" in front of the group. Haha, I know it's going to backfire and the it was blackmail. The look on Clems face totally said "I'M SO OVER THIS, SCREW IT!". She finally pushed back at her bad situation. How bad the repercussions are going to be are yet to be determined.

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    i looked at all the options then when i read the "I'm just a little girl" i laughed because that is so NOT Clementine.

    • That's how I replied, because I wanted to pretend that I knew nothing and just wanted her to go away and start acting like a sane person. I didn't want her to know that I know about the baby. She'll only know that I know when I tell someone else about it, preferably when she has a gun to her head. I don't want her to be able to prepare against that.

      Blackmail might be cathartic at all, but I don't think that Clem would want catharsis. Rebecca is a threat, and my Clem has learned the hard way that the proper place for a threat's brains is smeared across the wall.

  • This is why I have 2 saves from Season 1. Nice Lee and Asshole Lee. I'm hoping there will be more arrogant/horrible choices Clem can choose in Season 2 because on my "Asshole Lee" save, his character from Season 1 is going to affect Clem to be an asshole too! And of course my other save is the sweet Clem we all know and love

  • To me this choice seems realistic. There's no way Clem remained a nice and sweet girl after all she's been through. Growing up in such a horrible world is inevitably going to have a negative impact on her.

  • The biggest problem with deciding how to play season 2 Clem is there is that 16 months of unknown survival time.

    As players we have no idea what horrors or hardships she had to endure so therefore cannot realistically connect season one Clem directly with season 2 Clem.

    In the end it's a game, play it through once the way it feels most natural and in consecutive playthroughs go out of your way to choose different options.

  • Sorry but I think everyone gets to the point when they go, "Fuck it I am sick of being the good guy" for me it was the end of episode 2 with that car.

    Honestly I find it so much more enjoyable picking decisions I would make, Good and Bad mixed

  • I have multiple playthroughs just because I enjoy seeing how all the different options impact the story, but my main Clementine is tough, hardened and maybe even a little bit of a bitch. I think it has to be like that. The days of being sheltered, naive, innocent and pushed around are over. That's the shit that gets you killed. Sometimes you have to be the manipulator or the blackmailer or the asshole or the little bitch. It's just how you stay alive now.

    • I try to keep Clem nice to those who are nice to her. Even when its Clementine making her own emotions I see her doing that. Like in the forests when Luke freaked out when Pete was looking at her arm. After he told Pete to watch himself, clem gave him the evil eye. But I was nice to home because he asked if Clem was okay after Nick almost shot her. Even Nick, when he walked into the dinning room he got the evil eye. But I was nice to him because he apologized.

  • Clem has been through a lot of shit.... Parents are walkers still roaming around eating people, adoptive father is dead, she was held hostage by cannibals and almost eaten, saw the remnants of Crawford who killed kids and the weak, experienced most of her new friends and family die (Duck, Ben, everyone, etc.), and almost, almost got out of Savannah but their fucking boat got jacked.

    Oh, but here is this Rebecca bitch, who has probably just been holed up in a cabin the whole apocalypse with Alvin bringing her cookies and milk, coming in there and talking shit to her. Nah, fuck that. Rebecca made me feel like she was spitting on Lee's grave, spitting on everyone's grave who sacrificed so much to keep Clem alive. Clem in my game is still sweet and nice, but damn if that bitch doesn't rub me the wrong way.

    Makes me wish Lee was alive.... He'd just barge in one-armed during their "group meeting"... "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY LITTLE GIRL???" Group: "Uh.... well...."

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