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    Man !!! I took the time to read all that you are lucky it didn't dissappoint :P, In all seriousness though most of what you wrote makes sense and I agree with it, Have a like Old Friend

    • Thank you for the like. And yes, I apologize for the length. I have a tendency to do that. I was just as bad in TWD forums. Haha. :P I just like to give a little information to explain my theories and such. Thank you for reading it, though. I really appreciate the time you took to do so. :)

  • You convinced me that Hans knows a lot more than he's letting on. As well as the possibility that he could have dumped the body. A few bold words would ease things up. Mostly what hints to making it logical.

    • Bold words? Are you referring to physical presentation of my post? If so, I apologize. I'm not too keen on using bold characters, as I feel that when an important document is read, almost all of the details are important. I'll certainly take your recommendation to mind, if that's what you meant, and apply it to any future posts that I might make. In either case, thank for you taking the time to read it. :)

      • Yep. I know it is quite tricky when choosing, but with a little thought it really comes out. A better tactic is what shouldn't be physically presented boldly. Usually the best are things everyone would know. Also every mention of the club.

        • True. Though, I didn't really see this possibility mentioned, outside of a word or two, so I thought I might bring it up for discussion. I just figured some certain areas should be covered, and little explanation was needed. Outside of that, I really didn't want to go around pointing fingers at the characters, but more so at the establishment. I figured a singular mention of that would have sufficed. But, as always, to each their own. No harm, no foul. :)

  • I doubt Hans has a connection with the killer. He just knew about the book, but Han's jeans did match the color of Faith's ribbon,so maybe it was someone from the strip club.The workers at the Pudding and Pie must be required to wear a ribbon or jeans of that color.

    • I think that he might have some sort of association with it, but with being so "simple" he might not realize it. Disposing of the body might have just been "taking out the garbage" to him, or something. His mind works differently, so his reasoning behind his actions, or how he does what he's told, might have the same outcome. As for the ribbons and jeans? I'm not sure I follow you.

      The "working girls" have to wear the ribbon, or so we're led to believe. As for the fabric matching, Hans is just the bouncer and clean-up guy. As he's probably not seen on stage, or working the crowds, he probably doesn't have a dress code. A lot of club bouncers wear jeans and T-shirts. It would have been nice if we found out if Hans smokes, or not, but apparently some of workers at the Pudding and Pie do. At least from what we're allowed to see. Did you notice the nearly filled ashtray on the table, when talking to Nerissa, when Bigby is in the dressing area?

  • It would make sense for the Pudding and Pie to be a key point in the murders, especially since both of the girls murdered were almost clear of their debt and on the verge of leaving. Faith said it was her last night when talking to Bigby, and Holly said Lily just had to pay back the club's fees, it could be that they were about to leave, which could have an affect on whatever is keeping them from speaking about clients and coworkers.

  • That was actually a pretty good... well, novel. That's a LOT of text. But I read it, and it was good. Have my like, sir.

  • Watch out, don't want to make Telltale change the story again, lol. (It did seem pretty damn obvious the first time though).

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